How About This One? Are We Allowed To Punch This One?

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  1. No.

    I’d grab a fist full of hair and pull … real hard.

    I just want to protect her from getting hurt – you hear that, NSA?

    Might have to do it a few times to get her away from that mean guy.

  2. Living in Pensacola, I’ve often said that I’m in the very hasp of the buckle of the Bible Belt. I believe demographics will bear-out that there’s more churches per capita where I am than anywhere else, but I can assure you that what you see here – the SEC – is the real religion around here.

  3. OU fans are pussies. That lil’ blond terrorized those weeping undergrads and sent them fleeing back to their womens studies classes with their panties stained with fear.

  4. listen hear you toad sucking burr!!!!! We aren’t pussies we just know better than to hit a drunk women.
    boomer sooner!

  5. Per news reports, the team-focused trash talking was all good until the guy verbally targeted the blond’s 16 year old son, and then you see the result in the video. She went MamaBear. Justified? Not really. She was a few beers into the night, and the attack was merely verbal. If he had physically gone after her kids, this would have been on the front of every parenting magazine, and I’d be asking for her autograph.

  6. You see Mzzzzzz Cracker? OU fans are pussies. They went after the drunken milfs kid and then ran for the cops once mama bear whupped out her claws and fangs….and bootheels.

    On an unrelated side note, why isn’t this clip on World Star Hip Hop?

  7. HooHooNayNay has it correct. The OU student has admitted they were talking “a lot of shit” to her and her 3 children throughout the game and then focused on her son. We are calling her “Mosh Pit Mama” here in Alabama. I am not condoning her behavior but alcohol and having someone verbally abusing your child might have done it. She is no Sarah Palin for sure (we could all learn how to hold our temper when our family is verbally attacked from Sarah). Kudos to everyone around her for staying calm.

  8. @Goldenfoxx, what a joke!
    All those candy-ass guys in white shirts standing around with their thumbs up their asses.
    Didn’t anybody have a toaster to throw in?

    I don’t get the cruise thing at all. They tell me people actually PAY for that kind of experience.

  9. @norman: Yeah, I thought the same thing about security. That’s one thing lacking on those cruise ships. I’m pretty sure that girl got put off at the next stop and to find her own way home. She was pissed because someone moved her towel.

  10. ♫She’s a lady. Whoa’a whoa’s whoa! She’s a LADY!♫ I say a REALLY covert and HARD yank of that retard’s hair would have been quite HILARIOUS!

  11. I think the woman is an asshole.
    She says she wasn’t drunk, so that isn’t an excuse any longer, and in the video she clearly tries to kick the guy square in the teeth after swan diving on a pile throwing punches, all because “he called her 16 year-old a name.”
    Really? That’s what “mama grizzlyism” is all about?
    Then I hate mama grizzlies.
    Who the hell knows what can set them off and earn you a kick in the mouth.

    And she says she’d do it again.

    BUT, she’s sorry about everything.

    But she’d do it again.

    I stand by my post title. She needs to lose a tooth if this idiot thinks name calling is enough to justify trying to sucker kick someone in the face.

  12. Fur that’s what Russell said one of those guys just needed to coldclock her one time and then see if she really wants to fight like a man.

  13. The only reason I wouldn’t has nothing to do with the “she’s a girl” bit.
    It’s because her husband was there and he was trying his best to contain her.
    Out of respect FOR HIM, not her, I would try and help him get his psycho under control.

    I particularly hated that stupid finger scratch move under the guy’s chin.
    What is she? Is she the catwoman?

    That looked like some crazy psycho-sexual move to me, like she didn’t know whether she wanted to *f8ck him or fight him. (*Raging Bull-1980)

  14. Alcohol + estrogen + 30 years of white trash Jerry Springer behavioral conditioning in every media = not playing well with others.

    Both these female Popeyes seem emboldened to act out because they each have a big strong protective husband/boyfriend there to call on. Both men are trying to restrain them, and both the girls know their Patient Hero won’t let them get their little asses stomped, so they lash out at will.

    No surprise the cruise ship is Carnival, home of the 3 day free-beer demographic.

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