How are the American left different from the Taliban?


Remember how horrible, how awful it was when the Taliban, then in control of Afghanistan, destroyed the Buddhas of Bamiyan?

buddhas of bamiyan

After 1,700 years, Buddhas fall to Taliban dynamite.

It was barbaric, it was closed-minded, it was something that appalled the modern Western mind. Surely, surely! liberal, sophisticated Westerners would never do anything like that!

National Cathedral to remove Confederate stained glass.

Now, can someone please tell me how the American left, who want to destroy all representations of the Confederate battle flag, differ from Mullah Omar and the Taliban, who were just so overwhelmingly offended by the Bamiyan Buddhas? I can see no difference, no difference at all, except, of course, that the multicultural left are just so, so intelligent and sophisticated.


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  1. I was on volunteer duty at the Sackler when this happened and the museum put up two large photos of the statues explaining tthe history of the statues and that they had been destroyed by the Taliban.

    People came in and looked the photos–lots of multicultural kumbaya leftists (who after six years of Obama are easily identifiable) who literally cried , tried to leave poems and other objects in remembrance (naturally forbidden) and lamented that the destruction of those statues were the fault of Bush, America’s interventionist policies and our intolerance of any religion other than Christianity. It was insane.

    There is no difference. Both are filled with hatred especially of America and our Christian values. One is ignorant, the other just plain stupid.

  2. Who else has a stronger sense than usual that this is just a panem et circenses because the chickens are really going to hit the fan? IDK about the timing, but it sure is a profound attention getter. I want to say distraction, but it’s all more than just fluff. Last I checked, fluff doesn’t involve ratchets.

  3. It’s come’n. We said after 9/11, ‘time to play muslims (islamists) and Cowboys.’ We never got serious and many of our brave servicemen and servicewomen (and their families) have given the ‘all’ that they can give, since.
    It will come to pass on ‘our’ terms when it’s on our land and the Coward in Chief has no say on the terms ‘we the people’ decree.

    Stand by, Leftists.

  4. Big Gun, The wife, who’s super conservative but doesn’t usually pay much attention to current events, says on Monday. We should start taking some of our guns home with us at night.

    My reply, “Yea baby but I’ve gotta pistol bolted on almost all the time”

    Her “That may not be enough”

    Either she’s expecting a lot of trouble or has no faith in my ability with a pistol. And I know it’s not the latter.

  5. The only difference is the god they worship. The muslims worship the moon god, allah – the leftists worship government and sin as their god(s).

  6. Brad – 4 separate terrorist attacks reported today (France, Kuwait, Somalia and Tunisia) with more than 70 people killed. While the morons in the US are celebrating changing the definition of marriage, ISIS is certainly planning some big things for us. I suspect we will be attacked very soon (and that your wife is correct) because they seem to be quickening the pace of atrocities.

  7. Yea and there’s a report floating around out there that some DHS guy leaked that there’s a huge ISIS build up on our border.

    I feel like I’m 17 right before a wrestling match. Fuck this, somebody say go. Pink Panthers. Muzzies, I don’t care. Come at me bitches.

  8. It’s funny. I never thought getting old and nearing life’s end would be a blessing. I’m glad we never had kids. I wouldn’t wish this world on any young person. G*d bless us all.

  9. I’ve also learned over time women pick up on important shit that guys brush right past. I pay attention to her and my dog. Even though she thinks I don’t. LOL

  10. And the only thing in the news is the Supreme Court’s ruling (legislating from the bench) and the Confederate Flag. The media is our ‘re-education camp’.

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