How Are We Going to Protect Ourselves?

Oldie but goodie!

Go HERE to find the hilarious answer.

h/t Dadof4

15 Comments on How Are We Going to Protect Ourselves?

  1. Protecting oneself is the start of the problems. Then you need to protect yourself from the government for protecting yourself.

  2. This is why every authoritarian in the country was shitting kittens over the Rittenhouse verdict. The simple act of a man defending himself in the face of harm flies completely counter to the narrative that the government is the sole arbiter of the safety of its citizens. When the tools of panic and fear are nullified, they become irrelevant.

  3. “This is why every authoritarian”
    And every member of BLM, ANTIFA, and the new emerging threat an activist wing of the American Communist Party.
    (Im getting old. Can’t remember what they labeled them)

  4. Many are missing an important point being shown here.

    Step one: Prepare yourself.

    Step two, advanced stage: Make sure you have enough to equip your family & every MFer you bring into your MAG.

    Chad can only operate a limited number of them by himself. I’d bet many dollars he wouldn’t keep them away from his fellow fighter. That would be stupid. You become the armorer.


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