How Are You Handling House Arrest?

Just five days after my surgeon released me to drive, the MI governor declared us all on house arrest. Yes, we could go to the grocery store, our bank’s ATM, the pharmacy’s drive through window, and to your job if your company has not shut down or you are an ‘essential’ employee. So, I can drive. Big woop. Nowhere to drive to. Yes, I did go to the grocery store once.

I’ve been cooped up in this house since March 3rd. If it weren’t for the internet (iOTWr specifically), books (I have a huge backlog!), and sewing projects while watching DVDs, I be nuts now.

What are you doing to keep sane?

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  1. I ride my motorcycle. I go hunting for feral hogs. I am catching up around the house. I clean my guns. I go to the gun range and blast away as I have plenty of ammo. I organize my personal papers and photos. Getting my cargo trailer camper conversion ready to go camping. I’m preparing to go bear hunting again in late May. Maintaining the properties I inherited. Not much has changed for me, really. Life is good! Thank God!

  2. @Claudia:

    What are you doing to keep sane?

    Your question contains an assumption for which there are no facts in evidence. (-;

    Actually, my routine isn’t that different. We’re retired, so there’s been no work travel. I’ve always done most of the errand-running, and an awful lot of those are nominally “essential” in that they are trips to Publix, Walmart, Costco, veterinarian, and one or more times per week that I spell my sister and keep my Alzheimer’s-afflicted bro-in-law company.

    What’s changed is my routine when I’m out in public, and then when I get back to the house. No surprises there, hand sanitizer, hand washing, clothes go into the laundry. So far, so good. Or at least So far, not that awful.

  3. I’ve been doing a lot of cooking and baking so I’ll have something to do when I wash all the dishes.

  4. Finally retired 2/7.
    Got convinced to join a gym for the first time in my life on 3/1…
    Waiting for warm weather.
    Hangin’ out here from time to time.

  5. I pretty much don’t have a life
    so there isn’t much difference. 😁
    I still go to work to maintain
    some equipment and feed the fish.
    Then I come home and surf the net, read and watch videos.

  6. Glad I stocked up on paper products and disinfectants ahead of time. Of course it’s was only because I don’t like to go shopping. Didn’t see this coming down the pike.
    We’re pretty much homebodies with house projects anyway. Best thing about it: noticeable reduction in telemarketing calls.. from Asians for some reason😏

  7. Defying orders. Pretending to telework. Futzing around the house doing things I don’t normally have time for. Went to Popeye’s for lunch today, the first day of ralphie-boys lockdown. Was actually surprised I found plenty of folks out. Many wore masks but most did not. I thought the guy in the paint respirator and dishwashing gloves took it too far but whatever. Going to keep going out regardless. Have a tree crew coming Saturday to cut down some trees. Amazing what cash makes essential business. Can I wait to remove these? Yes. Will I? No. The crew is happy to get paid and I need it done. BTW- I’m not without my own health issues, but I’m not living in fear or making my home a prison cell because I *might* catch a virus. Lord willing the fear generated by the media will soon dissipate and we can use some basic sense again. Anyways, love y’all and IOTW is helping pass the time. Stay safe.


  9. I saw a meme recently that said “I realized that not having enough time is not why my house is dirty.”

  10. Youtube, has been great. Re-watching old shows, so as not to piss off my political senses.
    Anyone, remember Cell Block H. From early 80s? Woman’s prison show. Imported from Australia, on PBS. The original scared straight. I had to have been 10, scared the piss out of me. Still credit it with my life having been crimeless. As, I credit Nancy Regan with just say no. I say this as no one partook in drugs or crime, in my family. So, never was a conversation,even in context as right or wrong. So, tv does effect\affect kids.
    Anyways, rewatching it as an adult, still scares the shit out of me. Next I’ll need something to clean my pallet, any suggestions on classic hidden jems to watch or rewatch?

  11. @pearl clutcher, check out The Prisoner. It’s a 60s flick, pretty interesting. About a spy who decides to retire/quit but ends up trapped on an island that he keeps trying to escape from. The agency he works for is sure he is a double agent, so they keep him there to get him to break. Not too bad though the weather balloon of death is a bit goofy.

  12. I go to the butcher shop every other day for prime steak and other meats.
    Got the neighborhood sighted in yesterday with my laser rangefinder…..from every door & window.
    Sighted in my deer rifle out to 1,000 yards last Friday.
    Watch Animal House once a day.
    Laugh at the libprogdem collective and left-progosphere media go apoplectic over everything…..daily.
    Cook breakfast every day.
    Sleep whenever I want to.
    Going fishing tomorrow & Thursday.

    Lather, rinse & repeat as necessary.

    Phoenix, AZ

  13. I just happened to see on the internet about an hour before all the local libraries closed that they were closing – so I skipped out of work early and picked up a few different video TV series sets and a stack of books.

  14. Just started my sentence today thanks to the Shinola Shutdown. Had to cancel an annual Spring Break pilgrimage to sunshine and palm trees. I get paid no matter what which is great. Fix stuff, ride around in my golf cart, waste some ammo.

    I’ll probably be sending poor Claudia a bunch of Sammy photos. 😃



  16. @Sapper Chris, The Prisoner is a favorite of mine. We have the VHS versions and an old VCR to use.

    Watching old ’60’s shows on youtube – Combat in black and white and Rat Patrol one of the first in Living Color. Massive piles of books bought before my surgery and a loaded Kindle. Most on Erwin Rommel and on WW II in North Africa. If the piles fall over I will surely be trapped and die.
    Reading the occasional cozy murder mystery as though they are ‘how to’ manuals.

    Feeding cats, cleaning boxes, talking to cats and answering their questions. Watching cats plotting to murder me.

    Pacing around the back 40 so much I’ve now lost 17 pounds since 03/03. No worries about coming out of lock down looking like a blimp. The only places I’ve been are the pharmacy, doc to have staples removed, Petsmart and the deli for a pick up order.

    Facebook the supreme time waster.

  17. The grocery store is the only place I really need to go during the week.
    Unfortunately I tend to snack when I get bored.
    I hope this ‘house arrest’ ends soon, or I’m gonna need Jenny Craig and new clothes.

  18. Other than normal life, I’m overly grateful comrade Hillary isn’t our president. A bit bored though, I’ve resorted to hiding more weapons around the house, burying gold, cleaning and organizing, and cooking/baking/fermenting copious amounts of food.

  19. Okay, but nothing to write home about. DH has had me in quarantine except for chemo appts and doc appts foe well over a month. It sucks when a person looks forward to chemo drips to see other peeps.

    The weather here has been pretty dreary besides being too cold for me to sit out on the porch. Fortyish today and cloudy – again.

  20. I am spending my time making a list and checking it twice. I want to know who has been naughty or nice (in the political motivation, direction and probable abuse of this crisis)!

  21. helps me a bunch. Videos from around the world. Works on my windows 10 w opera browser. just the home page gives several options. or search for #travel …

  22. Ride long rides on my bike in the national Forest most days. Watch better call Saul and my son tapes this bizarre show on AMC called Dispatches From Elsewhere that is pretty amusing.
    Go to the grocery store almost everyday. I actually have time to cook and eat relatively healthy

    Alexandria LA

  23. I closed my liquor store to foot traffic a week and a half ago. The drive-thru is still open. My life hasn’t changed much at all.

  24. I’ve been looking for and watching older movies I remember from younger days. Watched The Shakiest Gun in the West with Don Knotts last night. Was able to find that on YouTube. Tonight its either The Ghost and Mr Chicken (also Don Knotts and YouTube) or The Cheyenne Social Club with Jimmy Stewart and Henry Fonda which I have on VHS. Not a big fan of newer movies though I would like to see 1917.

  25. Benito!!
    The great thing is you weren’t totaled with your car! Pieces parts for the car are available.
    Their are no pieces parts available for you! Accidents happen and are part of life.
    The next time you drive in the rain, make sure you have new super grip tires.
    Glad your still here!


  26. Not much has changed here as I work from home. Thing is though if you are told you can’t go anywhere then the more you want to leave. I miss our Sunday breakfast outings and I’m kind of tired of cooking.

    I’ve been watching old tv shows on the PlutoTV Channel. My most embarrassing binge watch so far is ‘The Dallas Cowboy Cheerleaders-Making the Squad.’ Twelve years worth of shows! Mr. Illustr8r doesn’t seem to mind watching it either. 😆

  27. It really hasn’t affected me except my online business is down. There hasn’t been one case of the virus in our county and no one is under restriction except for some “essential workers”.

  28. Hambone – Wonderful! Shooting hogs and LIVING

    Today was my Daughters 19 B-Day. (drinking age in Canada)

    I made BBQ Ribs with Chili peppers, rosemary & Garlic
    2 Rare Rib Eyes on Charcoal – makes Greenies Cry
    Smokes potatoes & Blue Cheese Salad.
    Champagne & B-day Cake.

    Little things in life.

  29. I’ve got an alcoholic cousin with a 88 Mustang GT with just over 6000 actual miles, manual trans he’s finally considering selling. Garage kept and never even seen rain. Blue and silver. Still smells new. Problem is he thinks its worth more than it is. Roll down windows and no AC because he says those steal power.

  30. Sitting and waiting for the ground to dry up so we can plant. Going to re-do our master bath after planting is complete so I’m having fun looking thru magazines to get ideas.

  31. Watching Hank Johnson’s district and John Lewis’ district battle it out for worst Chinavirus numbers in Georgia. Waiting to see which Republican is going to take on my carpetbagger congresswoman Lucy McBath, since they pushed back our primary until June.

  32. I’ve been sewing. When I run out of fabric, I’m going to run with scissors. Don’t worry, I’ll be wearing a go pro so you can watch me get arrested.

  33. Dear Claudia,

    Well it looks like governor Gretchen 1/2wit has managed to be the fool and go all out on stupid. She does get calls from Nancy P. so this was not surprising. She also wanted Doctors and Pharmacist reported to the state if they gave any malaria drugs. She was intentionally withholding medical care for political reasons. Of course others in the health field were told to report anyone doing so. Now that the FDA has approved it she is saying it was all a miss-understanding.

    I still go to work as I am in the medical field and people are now seeing what a pile of crap 1/2wit is. She was willing to let people die along with the economy.

    Here a few links I refer to at work, I deal on facts and not B.S. from so called news outlets.

    And from
    “The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) estimates that swine flu infected nearly 61 million people in the United States and caused 12,469 deaths.
    Worldwide, up to 575,400 people died from pandemic swine flu”.

    Last I checked we were at 3800 deaths and will not peak for about another 2 weeks. It is going to get worse but nothing like the first models that came out there were flawed.

    Much of what we hear is the agonal breathing of the democratic party as they face the reality that this last attempt to politicize a national disaster may be the end of them.

    On a happier note Claudia, I now make occasional trips to Three Rivers so I may swing by and visit. You and your sister are always welcome to come visit me as well. I plan on having the boat in the water late May so lets plan a trip on the bay and docking at a nice place to eat this summer. That invitation extends to any IOTW fans that are in the T.C. area.

    Stay well and isolated for a few more weeks my friends. It’s not going to be as bad as they say. Serious, yes. But not the end of the world.
    Hang in there boomers.

    tct, Gretchen 1/2wit … I like that! Think I’ll use that, too.

    By all means, let me know when you are ‘down south’ and we will meet up! I’m also looking forward to that boat trip on the bay! – Claudia

  34. Sapper Chris, The Prisoner with Patrick McGoohan has been a favorite of mine ever since I first saw it back in the late 60’s. I watched it a few times since then I noticed that the last time I saw an episode earlier this year on a HDTV how much clearer the picture was including some details I’d never seen before of some fully nude pictures of women on the walls of a boat where he was taken prisoner and escaped again. Those pictures must’ve been there all these years and due to poor quality pictures on older TV’s never seen before. I felt like I was seeing it all new even though I’ve watched it a few times before. And might I also suggest The Avengers a British spy show better than The Man from UNCLE with Diana Rigg as Mrs. Peale, that’s another of my favorites from that era. Combat is on Saturday nights at 9 PM Pacific time on H&I TV. I just wish they’d also bring back the old cop show The Naked City from the early 60’s. And I’ve watched probably just about all the original 30 minute B&W episodes of Gunsmoke from the mid 50’s to early 60’s lately.

  35. TN has not clamped down. Hubby and 2 of our girls hunkered down at home 98% of the time. I’m out and about doing my usual with some restrictions seeing hospice patients in facilities. Youngest turned 15 yesterday, has pressure washed the driveway, shes going to do the house next. Both of the girls have torn up and turned my overgrown flower beds out front, we are going to put in double knockout roses once it stops raining. They will be learning how to make their late great Grammys anadama bread this week. They are also debating their Lego collections.

  36. I’ve been keeping a stiff upper lip about all this, but to be honest I’m going a little nuts. I had another cancer surgery in the last days of February and spent the first two weeks of March on a jobsite, but I think I overdid it too early so I wasn’t feeling totally up to scratch. I was actually looking forward to a week or so off before I was supposed to start a month-long job on the 1st of April. That job was put on indefinite hold because of the virus (my clients had to cancel their Italy trip). I need to get on my knees and have a talk with God, because without a workload right now, I’m feeling very unsettled and aimless. That’s not me AT ALL. I can usually find ten productive things to do during downtime and, for some reason, I just don’t “feel like it.”

  37. I’m working. As busy as the rain lets me be.

    I rarely have to meet anyone lately. I can do exterior treatments and still warranty the inside, so the rain is all that’s slowing me down.

    Plus, I have 8 animal jobs going. No one needs to meet me at those, either.

    I wore my disposable pest gloves when I shopped. Which was two Sundays ago.

    Every single customer considers me “essential”.

    Reality: We (pest industry) protect people, property, and food.

    No one can live without some kind of pest control at some point. From the food chain to disease wildlife can bring you by living on your property.

    Question: Some local stores are making people wait in groups outside their entrances and only letting in an amount that matches those exiting during the day. HOW IS THAT PREVENTING PEOPLE FROM BEING TOO CLOSE TOGETHER WHEN YOU FORCE THEM TO WAIT IN A GROUP?!!


    Observation: 10 years ago a hermit prepper was the laughingstock of the left.

    Now the Govt is telling you to be a hermit prepper.

    Can’t help but snicker.

  38. Writing code and building PCBs. I have a isolation router in my shop that mills and drills PCBs. 30+ yrs with big blue and I can’t stop. I have no less than 54 computers cramming the house and shop. They keep my mind active and hopefully somewhat sane. And then there’s the dreaded income taxes waiting for me in the north tower, Turbo tax. Tomorrow I’m working up a door lock circuit that works from a coded door bell sequence, one button, like telegraph pulses. No fumbling with a key. dash dash dot dot codes, that will fill up a day or two.

  39. Thanks for assuming I was sane to begin with. I’ve had my doubts at times. Gun club is still closed til May possibly so no shooting! Boo!!!

    Mrs Galt has made a list of the things I should have done years ago so I’ll be busy til the cows come home. We live in the country so the cows do eventually come home.
    We go shopping when we have to and run other errands. Being in Connecticut, we can still drive around but will probably be shot if we try to leave the state.
    This ain’t no way to live.

  40. @AA – I worked full time over the past year while undergoing cancer treatment. Your body is filled with harsh drugs and you are tired. If you can, just look at this as an opportunity to rest as much as you can. We will be back at it soon enough. Jesus has already saved the world, we don’t have to. It’s God’s job.

  41. I took apart my 100 year old player piano, I’ve had it for 45 years and it had some sticky keys and hadn’t been tuned in the 45 years I’ve had it. Turned into quite the project, I should be good till June. I decided to retire when this thing started and this is pretty much the way I wanted to spend my retirement, playing with my toys. Thank you, President Donald Trump.

  42. Family at home, wife can work from home, kids doing school from home over the computer and then complaining they are bored. I still go into work, but its nights and less people here so I”m pretty much alone which is fine.

  43. I agree Bill. I am liking this shutdown way too much.

    For what it is worth I heard West World is a great series. I might eventually subscribe to Hulu for the first month which is free to catch it

  44. Benito the Bombed Beaner

    Came down with throat cancer. So it’s radiation ever day and Chemo once a week. I weighed in today at 225 lbs. Which I think was my birth weight. I have 8 more days of radiation left and they better have my gym open cause I’m moving in. Hey, wanted to lose some weight anyway.

  45. I am lucky (I think) to be able to work from home for most of what I do. The other part I can call “essential” per Maryland law so I can go work in my office and lab as necessary.
    In between that I am in the process of another stage of my perpetual restoration of my 1969 mach 1 mustang. This winter I have been rebuilding the steering column and pedal support assembly. The hardest part is finding the proper replacement parts since a lot of the supply houses are now shut down or doing minimal business. There are no swap meets this spring.

  46. Haven’t been too much inconvenienced by this. Still doing the normal stuff of hiking on the national forest and working a couple of days per week. Lots of reading and playing old war games. Still sad this once great nation has so meekly submitted to these violations to the constitution. Hope to see it end soon.

  47. Jethro

    The good news is it’s one of the more treatable cancers with high success rate. The bad news is it’s arguably the toughest regime. I have radiation burns all down my neck and chest. Radiation sores in my mouth which makes eating tough. I’m thinking about getting one of those pop out Turkey thermometers and gluing to my chest with the red thing popped out. Only 8 days. I can get thru 8 more days.

  48. House arrest? What house arrest?
    I come and go as I need, I go to work (no change there), I’m trying to get the house and yard ready for spring. Meh.




  50. I’ve been a hermit for 3 years, so this is nothing different for me. My wife is an RRT, so it’s nothing different for her, either… except for a nastier workload.




  52. Bradley — You are one of the toughest men I’ve ever met. So, to hear you say anything about your experience with chemo/radiation means it’s been a rough row to hoe for you. Brings tears to my eyes. Wish Geoff C. and I could be there to make you laugh.


    Gladys — Well, you’ve been quiet about your health crisis, haven’t you, my friend? I hope you are on the mend and looking at cancer in your rear view mirror. How are you doing?

    Jethro — Yes, I had a recurrence last year and decided to take the last half of 2019 off from cancer treatment, knowing that I’d have to take it up early in 2020. I just got tired of being messed with. Funny thing, though, I probably hadn’t felt better than I have in 25 years right up until I had this last surgery. Fit as a fiddle and now crashing ennui all the time. Thank you for your well wishes, friend.

  53. @PJ
    I missed your post when I quickly scrolled down the first time, but then I saw it on my second pass.
    I hope you are also making positive progress.

  54. Taking care of Hubby and the pets.
    Planted a few trees and shrubs.
    Doing a lot of weeding and mulching. Crawled under some bushes and pulled out the tough weeds with pliers. Better than watching the news and it keeps my mind from wandering.
    We watch ghost shows and I read mysteries on kindle. Enjoying the old British series All Creatures Great and Small.
    Taking my dog for a checkup will be the big outing of the week.

  55. AA
    ” I just got tired of being messed with.” Ain’t that the truth.

    We need to connect, but my voice has been gone for about two weeks. They’ve been throwing different meds at me trying to calm down the throat, but so far, no good.

  56. Still going to work; same with Mrs. DBad who works in healthcare. Looking to retire later this year, maybe

  57. @Brad
    I recall this stuff called Lidocaine gel. When I had mono many years ago it felt like I had swallowed crushed glass. The Dr. gave me that stuff and it numbed my throat enough so that I could eat.

  58. @Brad
    “Dude, I’ve got shit sticking out of my rib cage I forgot I had.”
    Like old car parts from past crashes?

  59. PJ won’t mind at all — I’m absolutely certain of it — if I say what we down on the farm used to say about “stewing” chickens. So damn tough, you’d have to stew it for days if you hoped to eat it! LOL!

    She’s been through Hell and back again and Hell is glad to see her go!

    This scripture passage always makes me think of PJ because her strength is rock solid in Christ:

    Peace and Hope

    1Therefore, since we have been justified through faith, we[a] have peace with God through our Lord Jesus Christ, 2 through whom we have gained access by faith into this grace in which we now stand. And we[b] boast in the hope of the glory of God. 3 Not only so, but we[c] also glory in our sufferings, because we know that suffering produces perseverance; 4 perseverance, character; and character, hope. 5 And hope does not put us to shame, because God’s love has been poured out into our hearts through the Holy Spirit, who has been given to us.

  60. Hey Brad,
    Best wishes with all of that! 225 still has more than a bit on me, but the gyms are closed and I wouldn’t go to one now anyways. Get well soon!

  61. Great Thread, beautiful responses …I’m lucky enough to still be


    I’ve been hoarding Beer though….I got trust issues with the G.

  62. John Coffey (like the drink only spelled different) and Mr. Jinggles is pullin’ for errebody here….

  63. wonky honky
    Thanks bud. I started at around the 280 mark. If you to and search Bad_Brad there’s a pic there that’s about 2 years old.
    Cancer some nasty shit and totally non discriminating. It’s a heart breaker to visit these infusion centers and see how many bald young people are there. They keep getting better at treating it. A cure would be nice.

  64. One thing was that I finally cut out this huge thicket, seven feet high and seven feet wide, that was comprised of about five different weeds that was on the front edge of the property. The neighbor came out and took a pic to send to her father she was so happy.

    Second, rebuilt the inside of Mrs Ghost closet with a nice shelf above, closet pole and shoe shelves below. (Happy wife happy life…while in sequestration.)

    This weekend, sheet rock in the basement, which I cleaned out first along with some of the garage for the past TWO weeks.

    Photographing birds in the back and side yard while enjoying some tea.

    Not taking This Shit lying down…been to Home Depot several times to try and help the economy going and the boredom down!

    Heck, might even build a birdhouse! Been waiting to do that and maybe NOW is the time!!!!!

    Might prevent me from going KOO-KOO.

  65. @ Bad_Brad – I meant to say, YOU are a tough SOB,

    I was just talking to my carpenter mentor last night to see how HE was doing and his voice was scrappy as a throat survivor.

  66. @ Nine Barks — We’re watching S1, Ep2 as I write this. I forgot we had the series on DVD. I first read the books when they came out in the late ’70s. They are such dear stories. That “vitnery” was a heck of a story teller, wasn’t he?

  67. I got lucky: I’m deemed Critical Infrastructure, so I get to go to work every day!!! So off to baby-sit the Data Center.

    But otherwise I have bourbon, bacon, bullets, rice, and venison, so I’m good. And a home project list a mile long.

    I’m gonna need a haircut soon, so I may have to start running an add on Craigslist for an un-infected young lady in need of commodities who knows her way around a pair of shears.

  68. BB — Being a patient can take its toll; more on the spirit than anything. Even the best medical support — and I love my doc and staff — it starts to wear on you, doesn’t it. And you’re going through a really rough regimen. I imagine you’d like to land a solid punch to those guys doing the radiation treatments, huh? I would.

  69. Mary from Marin, long time no see. Have you talked to Stranded in Sonoma? After his dog died he went missing here.
    Saw you at Motus a while back.

  70. Geoff–

    Someone must be impersonating me, then–I haven’t gone to Motus for years. But *I* am the real deal.

    No, I don’t know where/how Stranded is, unfortunately. I was wondering myself.

  71. Geoff–

    No—I comment only at CTH (very rarely) and Stellas Place (sometimes). I spend more time on twitter (Mr. Pinko’s fault).

  72. All creatures great and small. I will make a note to find that.
    Doc Martin
    Vernoca Mars
    Person of interest
    All are worthy to binge watch

  73. I’m pretty settled in. Live far away from much civilization, so the main thing that has changed is no driving into the city for an hour for anything since March 12th.

    Always have had a well stocked pantry and freezer, so I am doing fine.
    Haven’t seen a living soul since then, but I am an introvert by nature.

    I have zoom, which has kept me busy enough. I used to work with computers,, many, many, Many years ago, and have a bit of natural ability with them. So, I’ve been teaching lots of other, more elderly people how to use it. We are talking about people who are afraid to install updates for fear of crashing their machines. People who depend upon grandchildren to maintain their computers, tablets, cell phones etc.
    I have had three meetings on zoom since this began, with more scheduled. I may never need to do multi days per week of driving ever again!

    It’s been somewhat different to consider myself a senior citizen, but I am well into that category and also because of lupus, determined to do all I can to stay self isolated for as long as I believe it’s necessary.

    I know my son would pull me from my grave to chastise me for my foolishness if I succumbed to the virus.

  74. Geoff–

    That’s right, I’ve seen your name there once or twice. I won’t comment there unless I am an early one. Life is too short to be the three hundredth CTH commenter—AND running the risk of being scolded for repeating what someone else has said. Twitter is safer (lol!)

  75. Life as a Commievirus “political prisoner” hasn’t changed my lifestyle that much. I routinely stock up on everything I need – included TP. Accoplished two weeks before the full blown COVID-19 panic.
    Spring cleaning and clearing out papers and collectibles.
    Binge watching faves – “Luther”, “Justified”, original “Twilight Zone”, “Dragnet” “Mission Impossible” for example.
    Also, watching President Trump’s briefing – they’re awesome. Especially, when he chomps down on a rogue leftist reporter.
    Not currently working, but I have enough savings. Trusting God and using wisdom.
    Health is generally good. Walking around neighborhood for exercise and trying to keep up to date with family.
    Good to read most IOTWrers are carrying on without too much disruption. Hopefully, the economic engine will fire back up by Fall.

  76. Bad_Brad, sorry to hear about what you’re going through, but if anyone can win a war against cancer – it’s you. Praying God strengthens your resolve, you are encouraged and have a vision of victory. Make sure you get some rest. Please keep us updated.

  77. You know what’s getting to be the most annoying part of house arrest? Having to field the same question thirty times a day (“Can’t I go to So-and-So’s house? We’ll stay 30 feet apart!”) expressed in different words, with a gigantic side helping of teenage pity party each time.

    I get it he’s a kid, and I get it he was raised to be outside (Me in summer: “Get out of my house!”), but FFS, dude, gimme a break!!!!!

  78. Jethro MARCH 31, 2020 AT 8:51 PM

    Do you have any advice for Claudia and her fox infestation problem?

    Yes. We’ve been talking about them.

    I gave her a tutorial on successful trail cam use once she decided to let them stay this spring and have their litter.

    I could re-post it here or send it to anyone that wants to see the advice. It’s the basics of avoiding problems with trail cams and increasing the chance of getting good footage.

    Bad_Brad You have my prayers added for your recovery. I’ll also add you to my church’s prayer list and get them on it too.

    That’s what I meant when I said I had expert advice 😉. I would have just pointed it directly in the entrance to the den, but then all I would have gotten was a tumble of kits as they pushed each other out of the way to be first out, then an hour of an hole in the ground!

    I also know what to do to evict them once they have grown so the couple dosen’t come back and feast on our chickens next year!

    Thanks, Dadof4! – Claudia

  79. Maine too. Unenforceable. How do cops know where you’re going?
    You’re more isolated from other people while in your vehicle than if you’re walking or even just sitting on your porch.
    Good luck with all that.

  80. By the time I finish current builds, clean & inventory all the guns & ammo, this shit should all be over with…


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