How bad is shoplifting in Chicago? “They got the men’s drawers locked up with a padlock.”


How rampant is shoplifting in Chicago? 

Pretty bad, according to a freshly-posted YouTube video.

“They gotta be really stealing up in Walmart now,” says a woman as she records video in one of the chain’s Chicago stores. “They got the men’s drawers locked up with a padlock.”

Indeed they do.

The woman’s video shows an entire aisle of men’s t-shirts and underwear secured behind locked display cases.

“Padlocks,” the woman says. “Just like the soap aisle.”


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  1. Welcome to the Obama jungle.

    Mayor Lightfoot seems a bit more enlightened than the usual suspects, but with a liberal core, the place is still doomed. Only a non swamp conservative can save Chicago’s ghetto victims from the animals within their neighborhoods and give them the means to earn wealth. But the left/swamp/Islamic cabal in charge of most of our institutions have their destroy-America agenda, don’t they.

  2. In the Soviet State of (uncivilized) Washington, corporate polices at major stores without security guards (Walmart, Safeway, etc.) are “hands off” shoplifters. People are even walking out with large appliances without paying and not being stopped. Store personnel are informed that “intervening puts everyone at risk.”

    The end of civility – and honesty – in this country is not far off.

  3. That is so racist!! It’s profiling at its vilest!! When we get Drumpf out of office and the economy kick started back to where it is supposed to be and Walmart correctly sanctioned this kind of flagrant disregard for human dignity will be a thing of the distant past.

  4. The items that are always locked up, or at least behind an alarm flap, are either the ones that can be made into meth or can easily and quickly resold as a hot item on the street. I must assume that now includes underwear. Also wondering how much of it ends up on eBay or Amazon, or at the old fashioned flea market swap meet.

  5. Interesting backstory to this reports site – CWBChicago.
    I read their history and beginnings – close community involvement to share the whole of a news story, not just the easily reported pablum we all are used to receiving. This site and the group behind it seem to have made a measurable difference in the safety of their neighborhood.

    Citizen involvement = conservative views and values, in my opinion.

  6. When I was in a Reno, Nevada WalMart last October, I had to wait for 25 minutes for someone to unlock the display case to purchase some shaving cream and a razor. I could see locking up the razors, but the shaving cream?

  7. This is common for any retailer in lower socio-economic areas especially in liberal government areas where they have decriminalized theft.

    This is the inevitable outcome of the liberal agenda. It will get worse.

  8. Kiosks.

    Please. Point on the screen what you would like and someone will cart it out to you.
    Para espanol oprima numero ocho.
    برای فارسی ، لطفا 9 را فشار دهید


  9. Yes, tide laundry detergent, especially the pods get stolen like crazy. Gillette razor blades, dove body wash, hanes underwear, advil, tylenol. Unfortunately, the internet makes everything a target and big retailers wont stoo the thieves. They drop it, accuse the business of stopping them because of their skin color and file lawsuits. Perps should just be shot. That is what will stop it.

  10. The looting will continue until there is nothing
    remaining. Then the “racism” and “food dessert”
    screams will start again until more stores are opened
    by the “evil corporations” and the looting can start again.
    The socialists, having passed “no arrest for shoplifting”
    laws guarantee “high earning” pirates will always be near
    to “Rinse and repeat.”
    Until the bottom falls out.

  11. They got the men’s drawers locked up with a padlock.

    Barky will be very displeased.

    Oh. Wait.
    You mean the ones on the shelves, not the ones on the men.
    Never mind.

  12. The t-shirts and underwear are locked up because they are the most commonly requested item by the incarcerated. “Momma, bring me some whites” is heard on jail phone calls all the time. These items are not issued during booking and you don’t get personal items (including under garments) once booked. You only get them if they are brought to you.

  13. True story. We knew someone who worked in a major box store, in the damaged goods area. The items could not be sold or out back on the shelf, so they were up for grabs by the employees. Our friend on a regular basis had so much extra, that she would bring us boxes of items that had been opened and tried on (makeup, hair products). 99% of the items were dark shades and ethnic hair products. Makes you go hmm…

    I will also add we’ve had one item stolen from our hotel room in 30 yearsnof traveling, and it was at a hotel in Homewood (s Chicago)

  14. Have to get those colorful boxer shorts to sh,ow them off when the baggy ankle length shorts are fastened below the hip line.

  15. Our local Fred Meyers in Ballard (and all shops around them have major loses also) loses over 10,000 dollars a week due to the homeless drug users’ shoplifting. They have had to raise prices on everything.
    They go down the storage aisle grab a bin and go over to the clothing department and fill it up with coats, jeans a few bottles of booze and walk out the door.
    I could go on about what we see here now. It’s a mess here thanks to the libs.

  16. Smarter Than U: This is common for any retailer in lower socio-economic areas.

    BS it’s only common in black areas.

  17. Most Americans have no idea what it’s like living in urban areas like Chicago. It’s not the Jeffersons or the Huxtables living next door. The media doesn’t DARE show you the truth. It’s a freakin’ jungle out there!

  18. This has been a common practice in Kahleefoorniyah for years now. I notified a Walmart employee as I watched 2 people carry a 65″ TV out past the greeter and to a waiting car by the crosswalk. They said “we can’t stop ’em. We will get fired.”

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