How Can a ‘Gender-Free’ Society Square with Being Human?

AT: […] Springsteen describes North Carolina’s “bathroom law” as a human rights violation, and “as an attempt by people who cannot understand the progress our country has made in recognizing the human rights of all of our citizens to overturn that progress … [i]t is a time for me and the band to show solidarity for those freedom fighters.”

tranny attacks woman in restroom

If Mr. Springsteen and others who think like him (like Governor Andrew Cuomo) are fighting for freedom, it might be a good idea for them to know exactly what it is they are fighting for.  It might be a good idea to examine if what they are supporting is a human rights issue actually worth being righteously indignant about.

It might even be a good idea to take an up close and personal look at one of the “freedom fighters” with whom he and his righteous band of brothers are expressing “solidarity.”


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  1. Thanks for the post; inspiring. I’ll be more blunt. The women’should restrooms need to be 3xs larger now as we not only accommodate the kids, now we have to accommodate the pretend women. Why is it liberal, progressive society always waging a war on women’s right to ptivacy?

  2. I trust feminists and they say that men are rapists so how can you just let a bunch of rapists loose in female bathrooms without repercussions? I say make rapists (men, right?) stay in their own bathrooms. Going into female restrooms is just more white male privilege and they already have enough and isn’t using a full toilet flush just to pee a waste of water? We need to protect the environment and wouldn’t sitting on the toilet just to pee be manspreading? What about safe spaces? And how did we allow a bunch of trannies do all this mansplaining to us?

  3. The cognitive dissonance of these liberals is getting pretty bad. How can this tranny men in the women’s restroom phenomenon not be female culture misappropriation? If a white guy can get harassed for having dreads how can a male claim he’s female?

  4. My working theory is that once the tyranny women have to wait in long lines to use the women’should facilities (as actual women do now with their young children), that will be that and the tyrannies will go back to the men’should restrooms as a manner of covenience and urgency.

  5. So men in dresses don’t feel “comfortable” in men’s rooms? Okay, so how about not wearing dresses in public?

    Having cross-dressers use MY restroom doesn’t solve the problem. It merely transfers the trannies’ “discomfort” to me.

  6. Famous “Freedom Fighters” by Bruce Springsteen:
    Paul Revere, came from Boston MA
    George Washington, came from Mount Vernon, VA
    Thomas Jefferson, came from Charlottesville, VA
    Holly, came from Miami, F.L.A.

  7. The city of Houston voted no on a referendum on this issue but no one has boycotted Houston as a venue. Too much revenue to pass up I wonder?

  8. I get it. If I dress up as an Indian, I am an Indian. If I if dress as an astronaut, I am one. If I play guitar, scream a lot and make guttural, unintelligible sounds, I am Springsteen. We can all play any game we want and be anything we want on any given day. Like Peter Pan, we never grow up. Lefty lunatic logic.

  9. conversely if some female wants to get a twig and berries sewn on and feels the need to come into the mens room and whiz into a urinal, I don’t necessarily have a problem with that. I likely wouldn’t notice or care. I’m not in a habit of really looking around a lot at other men while I have my gentleman’s sausage in my hand.

    That particular scenario, F to M trannies going into the mens restroom, hasn’t really come up, has it?

    It’s all the pervs and perv sympathizers who are pushing for men to go into the women’s facility.

    Like I said above, I just don’t get how that whole issue isn’t just an atrocity for women’s rights.

    It’s making womanhood nothing more than a theoretical concept. Being born able to reproduce no longer means you are a woman. All you have to do is want to be one, even if you were born a man.

    Therefore, being a woman is worthless and reproduction is worthless.

    Being male or female and being able to reproduce is now worthless.

    Therefore, the REAL PUSH HERE is this:

    Being human is worthless, and humanity is worthless – to these people.

  10. What about my human right to not have to worry about biological males sharing the ladies room with me?

  11. Therefore, the REAL PUSH HERE is this:

    Being human is worthless, and humanity is worthless – to these people.


    For me, at least, it begs the question: If Satan was trying to screw up the human population and dis-associate them from God in all manner – What would Satan do differently than what all the lefties have done?

  12. @ Bob

    Just a side note here.

    Cognitive dissonance is a personal experience not the conditions that should cause it. An experience that requires honest, self-examination of your own beliefs. It’s when a person realizes two or more “truths” they hold actually conflict with each other and they vacillate back and forth between them – but this… but that…. No! they both must be true! But I now see they can’t be!

    Until a deeper, sane, thought process sorts things out and something gets tossed from the belief file.

    Regardless of any conflicting beliefs they hold – they won’t have cognitive dissonance until they apply sanity, clear thinking, logic and complete honesty with ones self.

    None of them think things through that much. That’s why I show them their folly in public with an audience. Keep it short, to the point, and undeniable. With other people watching and listening, they are, basically, pants-ed in public and their faulty thinking is exposed.

    They SHOULD get cognitive dissonance, but they are so very committed to their dogma they refuse to see any internal conflicts – that’s just detail never to be sorted out.

    Not holding my breath for them to get cognitive dissonance. It would dismantle much of their conflict with the sane world – and they can’t let that happen.

  13. Logic and reason have no place in this argument.

    This is pure, unadulterated, pervert fantasy BULLSHIT!

    izlamo delenda est …

  14. I prefer to exercise my freedom by not using public restrooms, but rather the front wheel of my own car. The rotors rot a bit faster, but it’s a small price to pay for your own personal traveling bathroom.

  15. this whole discussion is too ridicules to even entertain.
    “men who proclaim to be women want to use women’s rest rooms”.


    we should redirect the topic to who believes this is actually worth discussing and what’s wrong with them and should they be institutionalized because if they truly believe this transgender crap then they are already a danger to fellow humans.

    squirrel anyone?

    our borders are porous, we are being invaded with criminals, our welfare system is being taxed beyond all reason, our children are being indoctrinated in schools instead of being educated, our debt is unsustainable, our government wants to tax you for the air you breathe, our government wants to outlaw cash, tax bank accounts and sign up for transnational government without giving you even a voice.

    and we are discussing what? transgenders? are we all nuts?

  16. It about violence me thinks.

    Tranny men would get the snot beat out of them in the mens room.

    Cant have that

  17. We actually already have male, female, whatever, restrooms in every state.
    They are called outhouses in every state I know. Problem solved.

  18. If I feel like I am Bruce Shitstain does that mean that I can write checks drawn on his bank account? Does that mean that I can charge purchases to his American Express account?

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