How can this be? Detroit schools have Zero Tolerance!!!


CBS Detroit—
Teen In ICU After Fight Over Shoes At Detroit Charter School

DETROIT (WWJ) – Detroit police say a 16-year-old is clinging to life after getting being attacked by a classmate at his charter school, apparently over a pair of shoes.

The incident happened Wednesday at Allen Academy on Quincy Street, in a northwest neighborhood off of I-96 near Joy Road.

Police say the student, identified in reports as 16-year-old Willie Wallace, was violently attacked by at least one other student. Investigators believe it all stemmed from a previous altercation over a pair of expensive Nike Air Force shoes Wallace was wearing.

Wallace reportedly suffered a seizure, fractured skull, bleeding in his brain, and damage to his chin, cheek and neck in the attack, which went on for about five minutes. He was last reported in critical condition.


12 Comments on How can this be? Detroit schools have Zero Tolerance!!!

  1. Families should retaliate like Willie Wallace’s Scottish namesake: find the homes of the guilty twelve and “burrrrrn” them.

    “Zero tolerance?” There should be zero tolerance for $300 sneakers in a ghetto school.

  2. They say they want equality
    True equality would have been reached if the Aggressor Yoot only took one shoe and they both hopped around on one each.

  3. 2 things:
    1) They haven’t figured out what to charge the perpetrator with? Uh, attempted murder would be a start. It doesn’t seem that difficult to figure out.

    2) The article doesn’t even note if the attacker got the shoes or not. Seems like a lot of trouble for no shoes.

  4. It’s sad that these ferals would destroy each other over something so trivial. I can’t imagine killing someone over a pair of shoes – especially shoes that aren’t even mine!

    Even animals won’t do that.

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