How Can We NOT Endorse Donald Trump? He Just Endorsed iOTWreport

Congratulations to Cardigan. An alert reader, dee, just tipped us off that Donald Trump just tweeted out one of our parody/satire pictures.

25 Comments on How Can We NOT Endorse Donald Trump? He Just Endorsed iOTWreport

  1. Congrats on making the national stage, Cardigan and dragging iotwreport with you! Let’s hope that the twittering libs pay us a visit 😉

  2. Hillary is bringing out Bill as her “not so secret weapon.” Her best fund raiser would be to rent him out for $10k per night including the room and a bottle of Viagra.

  3. Might need s new server with more capacity to handle the new traffic and email. Hey, I know someone who has one, all wiped and ready to go once the FBI is finished with it.

  4. Oh great now we will be investigated. But the good news is we will find out
    who BFH is. I call Bad Brad as my cell mate.

  5. Let’s hear you say that, Brad, when he names you Secretary of Guns & Ammo and Fur Secretary of Graphic Design.

  6. Wait a minute. I thought Cardigan was a guy?

    Clarification, please. I simply could not tolerate gender confusion on this website, of all places.

  7. Awesome! Good for you guys. I went back and checked a couple other sites after finally seeing the IOTWREPORT in the white lettering and sure enough, the same picture was posted on gateway pundit, dailypundit, and conservative treehouse. Like Trump tells the lying media, we are not alone.

    Keep up the good work guys.

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