How Chinese police combat jaywalkers

WeAreTheMighty: China is so desperate to stop jaywalkers it has turned to spraying them with water.

In Daye, in the central Hubei province, one pedestrian crossing has had a number of bright yellow bollards installed that spray wayward pedestrians’ feet with water mist.

The pilot system works by using a laser sensor that identifies movement off the curb when the pedestrian light is still red. The bollard then emits its water spray, set to 26 degrees Celsius, and announces, “Please do not cross the street, crossing is dangerous.”

Unsurprisingly, the bollards are also equipped with facial recognition technology and photographs of jaywalkers are displayed on a giant LED screen next to the crossing.

The use of facial-recognition technology is soaring in China where it is being used to increase efficiencies and improve policing. AI is being used to find fugitives, track people’s regular hangouts, predict crime before it happens, but, most commonly, to stop jaywalkers.

While many Chinese cities are displaying jaywalkers’ photos, names, and identification numbers on giant public screens, and even government websites, some cities are becoming more creative.  MORE HERE

12 Comments on How Chinese police combat jaywalkers

  1. Lol spray water on jaywalkers here, and it’s Bull Connor’s fire hoses all over again. They’d have to shut down the government for racial sensitivity training.

  2. Authorities have been trying to stop Chinese and other SE Asian immigrants from Jaywalking on Aurora Ave N in Seattle for six decades that I have been around – not going to happen.

    A busy street to a Chinaman is like a gas lantern to a moth, make it a seven lane cross section (three in each direction w/center turn lane) and you couldn’t keep them from running across during peak hour traffic if you hermetically sealed the entire corridor.

  3. Out in the west, in this country, illegals do this all the time. Crossing the street no where near the crosswalks and getting hit by buses, trains, cars, whatever. Even women with baby strollers do it. I’m sorry but how fucking stupid are you to get hit by a damned train. A TRAIN!

  4. @MJA:

    …Even women with baby strollers do it…

    If she AND her baby get squished does that mean
    she gets an oak leaf cluster on her Darwin Award?


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