‘How dare you!’: Ugly spat over who gets to speak for ‘black and brown communities’ erupts at NYC mayoral debate

BPR: During a debate Wednesday, a black New York City mayoral candidate accused another black NYC mayoral candidate of not having the right to speak for “black and brown communities.”

The two, Dianne Morales and Ray McGuire, are among a number of candidates seeking to succeed outgoing NYC Mayor Bill de Blasio.

At the final primary debate Wednesday, the two feuded specifically over defunding the police, which Morales, a far-left candidate, staunchly supports.

“Let’s be very clear. For black and brown communities, neither defund the police, nor stop and frisk, nor private security …,” McGuire tried saying at one point in time.

But Morales cut him off, saying, “You don’t speak for black and brown communities. How dare you assume to speak for black and brown communities as a monolith.” more here

11 Comments on ‘How dare you!’: Ugly spat over who gets to speak for ‘black and brown communities’ erupts at NYC mayoral debate

  1. Nice.

    They won’t let Black People speak for themselves.
    Just Like Canada, will not let Indian’s speak for themselves.

    But luckily, Our Prime Minister is Sometimes a Black person.

  2. Thank God for a nuther “Racial Healing Update”…

    Get over yer skin color people!!
    Stop pretending to be “Victims”
    Stop insulting our intelligence!
    It’s soooo 2020!!

  3. I gotta remember that pearl of wisdom “you can’t speak as a monolith!”
    We’ll all be well served by heeding that advice.

  4. People think that the Neanderthal race no longer exists. As a proud Neanderthal, I beg to disagree.

  5. Black and Brown Colored People are not a monolithic group of Plantation Dwelling ignoramuses! Some of them have realized that Donald J. Trump was correct about most of the problems that the Dementiacrats have inflicted on these people. Doesn’t matter who these people elect, New York City is a steaming Shithole, and will remain that way until Liberal White Colored Voters realize they have to elect Conservatives to rescue the place.

  6. Marco – Back in 2020 the woid “ignoramus” wuz retired. Along with Prolly, Ax, Bruh, etc, the new term is “ignoranus”. Please make a note of it.

  7. Black “leaders” do not arise organically from within the affected community. They are hand selected by the progressive movement and only those who toe the progressive line get the microphone. The dominant political machine and the media hand select who gets to speak for the black community, just as they do with any other population they can exploit.

    Trust me on this folks, I was heavily involved in advocacy for the disabled and they use the same playbook across the board. They will try and infiltrate every cause and try and use those folks to advance their agenda. It takes guts and vigilance to keep them out. The media part in this charade cannot be underestimated.

  8. Who speaks for NYC’s white supremacists?

    I’ll take: What is the only major Party in America that has EVER endorsed the concept of white supremacy… for a thousand Alex

    Why that would be the Democrat Party.


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