How did I miss this story?

CBC News Toronto, Canada:

From September 2017 —

Food company where young female worker died fined $300,000.

A commercial bakery in Toronto where a 23-year-old employee died just over a year ago was fined $300,000 Thursday for violating the Occupational Health and Safety Act.

Justice of the Peace Rhonda Roffey handed down the sentence in the Ontario Court of Justice in Toronto.

The fine comes after Fiera Foods Company pleaded guilty to failing to ensure that a worker near a source of entanglement had secured all loose clothing, as required by section 83(2) of the provincial Industrial Regulation. This violated section 25 (1)(c) of the Occupational Health and Safety Act, according to a provincial government press release.

The incident occurred back on Sept. 2, 2016 at the Fiera Foods plant at 50 Marmora Street in Toronto. A 23-year-old female employee who had been sent to the facility by a temp agency and had only been on the job for three weeks was wearing a hijab that was loose at the ends.

The hijab became tangled under a guard covering the chain drive of a conveyer belt. An emergency stop button was not within reach, the news release said.  read more

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  1. we’ve gone well beyond the point of ‘stupid’ in the name of ‘tolerance’

    “No, you can’t wear that Darth Vader outfit because it’s unsafe for the task you were hired to perform”

    anyone that subscribes to this utterly vapid nonsense needs to remove themselves from civilized society immediately, for the sake of those that are rational human beings, who continue to wish for survival of the species
    go away … go far, far away

  2. I did not go to the link to read the rest, but why do I suspect the company
    was forced by some Canadian court to allow her to dress that way. Just a hunch.
    It is Canada, after all.

  3. Let me guess… Canada demands they be allowed to burka at work, but then when there’s an accident, all of a sudden burkas are too loose to wear at work, so there’s a fine. LOL.

  4. And the company probably came out cheaper than they would have from the inevitable “religious” discrimination suit if they had told her she couldn’t do that job because of the way she was dressed.

  5. Machines have No Mercy.., this applies to everyone.. I have zero sympathy for ragheads who think they are entitled.., and the laws don’t apply to them.. one less parasite to dole out benefits to..

  6. The best policy would be never hire moose limbs in the first place. If they aren’t suing to wear hijabs, they are suing to lift their asses to their satanic moon god during work hours.

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