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How did my communist family get it so wrong? Because politics was their religion

Communism didn’t work. And most people who lived under it hated it. These are not passing objections.

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The Guardian:

The first public event I can remember took place in 1953. I was three years old. But I don’t remember the Queen’s coronation, as other children of my age may have done. What I remember was my mother reading from the Daily Worker about the death of Stalin. This tells you a lot about what it was like to grow up in a communist family, even in a not particularly doctrinaire one like mine. We lived in a different world from normal people.


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  1. Face it ….Communism is no different than Socialism, Fascism, Feudalism or any other form of Monarchy. It is nothing more than the typical hierarchy of the ‘haves’ governing over the ‘have nots’. The Roman Empire under the Caesars probably had more individual freedoms than we have today, with all the government regulations, laws, rules, not even counting the state & local level. We just have spiffier distractions that instantly reach the masses, better than gladiators.

    That is why the United States experiment is so unique in all of history … & it’s being lost … one cable bill at a time

    …bummer…… have a nice day 🙂

  2. I understand your sentiment, but none of the systems you listed were monarchies. Also, the levels of personal freedom and the social contract costs diverge significantly.
    There is an attraction to viewing all imperfect systems as equal, however, the fallacy is that no system is perfect.
    Don’t let the perfect be the enemy of the good.

  3. Communism is merely the public relations and recruitment campaign used to garner support from naive people, for whichever aspiring despot is at hand. It is a marketing campaign for a totalitarian police state, intended to hide the true nature of that developing police state from both ally and enemy.

    Once the useful idiots have put the despots in power, the idiots have served their purpose – and are now a positive danger to the new despotic regime. The more committed to the communist fantasy the idiot is, the more dangerous to the new regime he is.

    Because, eventually, the idiots will realize that the despots only want power, and do not believe in the communist fantasy – as the idiots do. This is why, in the Soviet Union – after their despots solidified control, the first people that were rounded up and killed, or shipped off to Siberia, were the most ardent believers in communism.

    They were replaced with criminals from the Russian prisons, who were happy to do as they were told by the despots.

    Similar things happened other places, at other times.

  4. Mansfield Lovell, Famous Confederate General Fuckup

    and of course, let’s not forget to condemn Communism’s three brothers – Progressivism, Fascism and National Socialism.

    Socialism in all its forms is evil and soul-deadening.

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