How Did Pelosi Get So Rich?

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  1. San Fran Nan got rich through the application of her superior mind, the sweat of her brow(s), and her Mida’s touch. I know because that’s what was said on the tee vee. It was CN&N, I think.

  2. Mostly from payoffs for preferential treatment in legislation.
    Though she started from solid connections in crime.

    mortem tyrannis
    izlamo delenda est …

  3. She’s leading many to evil, and set a high price on her soul, which the devil gladly paid with other people’s money.

    The other half of that deal which he’ll be redeeming very soon.

    And when Nancy gets her first lava dip and realizes that fat bank got left behind and all the hypocrites in the world pretending concern in corrupted churches around her gently rotting corpse in the order of her funeral won’t save her, her wailing in hell is gonna be epic…

  4. Pelosi comes from a wealthy elite family background in the San Fran region but that isn’t how she gained her wealth. Like most career politician she is corrupt. We could learn from history and the French Revolution of the late 1700’s. The guillotine is too good for her, (also introduced by the French in the late 1790’s). We don’t learn from history and that is how elites get away with what they do.

  5. I can’t figure out why she’s running for office again. She doesn’t need the loot, she just bought a huge mansion in Florida, she will likely lose her Speaker position if she wins and she doesn’t have to keep her job to stay out of jail because nobody will ever investigate or prosecute her.

  6. “I can’t figure out why she’s running for office again.”
    The lust for power.
    She cannot destroy, besmirch, and shit on America from retirement.

    mortem tyrannis
    izlamo delenda est …

  7. She’s running for office again because there’s a HUGE wealth transfer in the works. She wants her cut. It’s coming.

  8. Why is this posed as a question.

    She and her husband used her insider information for stock trading.

    Her family members, e.g. son Paul, also used influence and connection to form companies in other countries, e.g. Ukraine, that would be recipients of USAid money laundering.

    It’s not a head scratcher.


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