How did this draconian Biden idea go unnoticed?

Biden just signed a law that will require kill switches in all new cars that monitor you and “allow police or other government authorities to access it whenever.”


The rumors we first reported on back in December have turned out to be true: the United States federal government is apparently in the process of trying to force automakers to install kill switches in their vehicles that authorities can use to shut down any newer vehicle.

The law comes as part of President Biden’s infrastructure bill, which was recently signed into law, according to Yahoo. The government kill switch is – like all good thefts of civil liberties – being positioned as a “safety measure”. The mandate needs to be put into effect by 2026, Muscle Cars & Trucks reported.

Remember, whether it’s “public health” or the power for the government to monitor and shut down your mode of transportation remotely, it’s all for your “safety.”


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  1. Someone will figure out how to disable it and it’ll be on youtube and rumble.
    This will necessarily have tracking.
    The govt will use it to track miles driven to tax us and to keep track of where you go.

  2. OK, just try to get me to buy a new car that follows any of the new rules. The older cars are more reliable and generally built better.

  3. So, you posted a pro-Trump video on FB? No driving for you. You haven’t had your seventeenth booster shot yet? No driving for you. So, you voted for a republican in the last election? No driving for you. And on and on and on….

  4. Questions:
    Will this be hack-able? Of course
    Will govt jackwagons & celebs be exempt? Of course

    Car-jackers will be exempt as well since it would be racist to shut down their newly stolen cars.

  5. Beachmom is right. This fascist “safety feature” will quickly be disabled by savvy car owners. Just like smart diesel truck owners figured out how to disable Obola’s DEF Diesel Exhaust Fluid scam.

    This BS is one of the reasons I drive a 19 yr old pickup and before that I had a 22 yr old pickup.

  6. This will increase the value of used cars even more than the current shortage of new cars has. I’m guessing the lots filled with new cars awaiting chips will be getting these new and improved chips with the kill switch included.

  7. If they can make a Fed switch that shuts down your car, what’s to stop them from making a switch that causes your car to speed up uncontrollably? I mean, they can already do that, but the target car’s onboard computer has to be tweaked by IC techs. With a Fed Kill switch, any car will be ready to stop…or go. Now THAT ‘s a real kill switch, mate.

  8. I think a switch to permanently disable something would be fine, if it was installed on politicians and bureaucrats.

  9. They will also monitor your speed and fine you if you exceed the speed limit.
    Those new insurance company devices that you plug in do that and in some cases, it affects your rate. I think they refer to it as your “driving habits”

  10. The age of kill switches!

    Kill your Internet (Obama’s kill switch)
    Kill your opinion (FB, Twitter, Google censorship)
    Kill your car (New for 2022!)
    Kill your babies (abortion)
    Kill your vote (fraud)
    Kill your television (an oldie)
    Kill your pol… Wait. I’ll just imagine more to add…

  11. The current start/stop technology is idiotic. Some new cars literally shut down the engine when you are at a stoplight waiting for the light to change. Then, supposedly, it starts up again in drive gear whe you take your foot off the brake. The wear and tear on engines, starters and batteries has to far outweigh any infinitesimal fuel savings if any.

    I remember riding in the courtesy van at the dealership. First step after starting, press off switch.

  12. Disconnect that shark fin antenna and problem solved. Be advised that will invalidate your warranty and is probably in violation of the terms of your auto loan. Good luck

  13. Somewhere they have to include a GPS tracker for all miles driven. Those of us with a navigational unit already have that.
    Highway infrastructure funding is provided by fuel taxes. These idiots are mandating 50 to 60 mpg CAFE fuel economy standards and all electric vehicles within a few decades. Where the hell are they getting the fuel tax money?

  14. What about medical device kill switches? Pacemakers, ventilators…. meh, he’s white and over 60…. This is not a death panel!! No way!!! It’s for the greater good!!!!


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