How do abject morons get voted into office? Oh, because they’re democrats.

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‘Squad’ member criticized for claiming one-quarter of world population in American prisons.

Democratic Massachusetts Rep. Ayanna Pressley confused many when she claimed that 1 in 4 of the world’s people are imprisoned.

She announced her proposal in a tweet on Thursday morning. In her tweets, she called the American justice system “racist, xenophobic, rogue, [and] fundamentally flawed beyond reform.” She also claimed that a quarter of the world’s population is locked up in American prisons.

Pressley was likely referring to the statistic that 22% of the world’s incarcerated people are in the United States.


You are an idiot!

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  1. I guess she doesn’t consider the Chinese as being in a prison since they are for the most part not behind bars. How about the poor Norks?

  2. The percentage of black violent crime has remained roughly the same since the early 1900’s. Racial relations have vastly improved but those stubborn numbers have not. How do you explain that you fat ass?

  3. Criminals run because of the big bucks to be stolen. It’s the voters who are abject morons. We need some kind of citizenship test to qualify voters.

  4. The democrats have successfully diluted the gene pool by mass importation of low-IQ immigrants. Combined with ruining the education system to the point where college graduates can’t think, and then they gerrymander the congressional districts to insure that people like AOC and Ilhan Omar get elected. It’s no wonder we are ruled by double-digit IQ imbeciles.

  5. 22% of the worlds prison population are in US prisons. In many parts of the world, they have serious deterrents that prevent crime; I’m thinking cut off a hand for purse snatching, caning for painting graffiti, death penalty for homosexuality, etc. And in most countries the prisons are true shitholes compared to US Prisons.

  6. Another massive early release program has began. Recently felons have been given the right to vote. Any connection?

  7. Iran, Saudi Arabia, etc. have far lower percentages of their people in prison.

    Perhaps she should advocate for us adopting their criminal justice system.

    That would solve the problem with our high imprisonment rate.

  8. As we have learned, that since the 60a, congress has become the biggest scam in America history. After Hillary Clinton and Obama, the executive branch has become even worse. After Boehner, Romney, McCain, McConnell and the like, the scam of the GOPe isn’t far behind.

    We either clean house, or we have to go our own way and start anew.

  9. She is currently having a panic attack because she pre-maturely endorsed Whitey Warren, now that D Patrick is in the race, oh what to DO??

    But wait, oh my peeps!

  10. WDS
    NOVEMBER 14, 2019 AT 2:34 PM
    “Ms Pressley, maybe if you had more fiber in your diet you’d be


    Just a suggestion.”

    …not too sure about that, serms like she shits on us all now just fine, don’t WANT to encourage more, thanks anyway…

  11. “We either clean house, or we have to go our own way and start anew.”

    They will allow neither unless very strongly forced.

  12. Because the two bad choices on the ballot make it a toss up election. We need a “No Vote” choice during elections.

  13. Abject morons…..elect other abject morons.
    It’s the nature of government to devolve
    by this particular form of entropy produced
    by mental atrophy through several generations.
    The greater the welfare, the faster things rot.

  14. Whoever tweeted this out in her name needs to be replaced STAT.

    Anyone who’s ever witnessed Pressley or other members of The Squad for that matter, understand they all read from scripts provided them by staffers.
    It’s glaringly apparent, when panelists fails to answer their question, and instead tosses facts back that refute the claim. Like a deer in headlights, they proceed on to the next talking point. Lack of knowledge on subject matter doesn’t make for coherent dialogue.

  15. Maybe there is a 25% imprisonment rate among her friends and her voters that she bases her statistic on.

    The rest of America generally obeys the law.

  16. No, I think the Klown Posse meant that the United States’ taxpayers were supporting (directly and indirectly) 25% of the World’s population.

    izlamo delenda est …


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