How Do I Get To 285?

h/t Ginger and Mary Ann

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  1. willysgoatgruff
    AUGUST 4, 2020 AT 12:48 PM
    “She should go to the Slausen cutoff and have most of her Slausen liposucked if not cut off….”

    …heeere’s Johnny! That was a GOOD one…

    Wow, we’re old…:(

  2. How dare you shame the rightful Governor of Georgia?

    What’s that you say? She didn’t win the election? It was stolen from her, you RACIST! Besides, that won’t matter when Joey picks her as VP and then he gets removed from office. Just wait. It could happen.

    PS. Don’t worry, I bought some chips with my drink today.

  3. I still want to see the Sec. Of State and GBI findings report on the investigation into the 1000’s of Absentee Ballots found in one her NYC based Campaign workers rental cars. These were pre-filled with her/Democrat party voted. The only thing lacking was names to be filled of the recently dead, nursing homes residents, and those that hadn’t voted in a while.

    These were found by the rental car cleanup crew, when the campaign worker turned in his rental at the Atlanta Airport, as he was returning to NYC.

    Call it a Vote By Mail Test Run if you want.


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