How do we see the wind in order to track hurricanes?

This is pretty cool. I never knew what we were looking at when we watched the computers tracking the hurricane.

I saw swirls moving around. Was it the wind? For the most part, yes. But it’s the stuff in the wind that we are looking at.

What stuff? —

ht/ Plain Jane


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  1. DH has been into weather and astronomy ever since he was a kid. He showed me this, so ht should be Mr. Plain Jane. 🙂

    I thought it ultra cool. Hope you all do also..

  2. That’s a great tool for a Landscape or Hort. consultant, it would allow them to see exactly where all that nasty salt coated plant life !

  3. If we encased the entire continent of Africa in 20 feet of cement we wouldn’t have hurricanes. I know, it sounds like a bucket list.

  4. “Who can see the wind?
    Neither you nor I …”
    (followed by a bunch of kakaphonic caterwauling)

    izlamo delenda est …

  5. Seeing how Europe is constantly getting wind from west-to-east, how does anything that is supposed to be radioactive from Russia get there? I see a good amount of African dirt wafting across Europe, wouldn’t that be a more likely culprit?

    Looking at Texas, I can see what I’ve experienced. Bad weather comes from the N.W. and when it’s good weather, has a low-speed prevailing wind from the gulf. So how does Russian anything land in Europe if it doesn’t show that kind of action?

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