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How do your loans identify?

Howie Carr:

I know a guy in Billerica who, like most people, has grown weary of making the monthly mortgage payments on his house for decades.

But last week he emailed me some very good news, which may make his life a lot easier.

“My home mortgage has decided to self-identify as a student loan,” he said. “You know what that means? I will no longer have to pay it — ever!”

This is marvelous news, and I predict that “transitioning” all debt into student loans is going to be the next big thing in the equity racket.

I mean, if a guy can suddenly “self-identify” as a woman, then why can’t a past-due bill self-identify into a category where it doesn’t ever have to be repaid? read more

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  1. Mine also identify and ‘paid in full.’ A few weeks after Pedo Joe was installed we decided it would be best to pay off the remaining $10,000 on a Home Equity loan. No car debt and no credit card debt in this house. Neither one of us had student debt from undergrad or grad school. I had a National Merit Scholarship that paid for most of mine and worked for several companies doing as needed translations – French and German plus taught beginning ice skating.

    These brats need to reconsider their useless degrees. WTF do you do with a Feminazi degree any way? Or a Doctorate in Madonna’s music? Gender studies and would you like an apple pie with that? God forbid any of them get their hands dirty doing something useful and needed.


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