How does this woman’s message make her look good?

Her terrible message translated—>

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  1. I saw that last night on Gab, it’s absolutely perfect for the NPCs.
    Progs cannot meme.
    I took the time to explain the NPC memes to a follower, she understands it now.
    I agree it’s silly garbage. It’s childish.
    You’re not a gamer, neither am I, I get it.
    It’s a meme to point out the gray, socialist mindset.
    A blank face in the crowd, nothing to offer, just an echo space keeper.
    The Progs get it, makes them nutz, good enough for me.

  2. Just sent this to my 70 y/o Hillary loving liberal sister. Suffice it to say there won’t be an Xmas card this year from her. Again…

  3. Boomer hippies….SMDH. She missed all the marches, but she’ll probably tell you with a straight face that she was at Woodstock.

  4. At 73 years of age she no longer is fertile so she needs to take off her Handmaid’s Tale red costume and stupid bonnet.

  5. Excuse me, but does anyone with graphic skills notice anything about the font on the real pic? It looks too made-up (like the font used in the old “Dennis the Menace” tv serises).

  6. @ WDS; Too bad we can’t pick our family as well as our friends. And my now deceased sister felt the same way about me, my wife, our sons and our grandson. Her response to news of his conception? “Oh JOY – another ***** male!”.


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