How Dumb Are These People That They Look Up To Joe Biden?


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  1. These morons are, um, morons, but they should be praised and encouraged. Tell me, please, just what is the down side of a Biden run for the White House?

  2. There is no up-side. Dems will be able to place whomever they choose into the White House. The country is full of morons, Obama’s two wins proves that fact. And there will be no more “swing states” once Obama gets thru importing blue votes, The actual election will be a mere formality. Unless we wake up, that is….

  3. At the risk of sounding like Ronald J. Ward:

    Run, Joe, Run!

    Beat Hillary!
    Beat Bernie!

    (or have your SS guys beat em)

  4. It could just as easily pass for a Funny Or Die video. This would even be over the head of the average lo-fo voter, probably because ‘Riding With Biden’ is such a catchy and easy to remember slogan, it’s still relateable. The overall feel which, I suspect was meant to be one of inspiration, comes off as dark comedy.

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