How Famous People Who Died Young Would Look Like Today – Recreated with A I

h/t Mr. Pinko.

Have you ever wondered how celebrities who have died young, would have looked if they were alive today?

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  1. Agatha Kakalogical,

    Minor correction, Artificial WITHOUT Intelligence.

    But otherwise accurate.


  2. The only one that I truly miss is Karen Carpenter. I still listen to her and am saddened that she was taken so early in life.

    And why do all these old guys still have their hair?

  3. So Bobby Darin is the only one that died from reasons beyond his control, while all the rest just made bad choices in life?

  4. It’s sad to think that if Mama Cass had given her ham sandwich to Karen Carpenter they might both be alive today.

  5. Those were nice depictions but they were a little rough on Jimi Hendrix. Sure he was a druggie, but dang!

    Cobain would definitely be partially bald. Good likeness, though.

    Karen Carpenter and
    John Lennon were my favorite.

  6. There’s a genealogy website I subscribe to that does these. I uploaded a few photos of much-loved relatives who have been dead for many years and then cried all afternoon watching them come alive again.

  7. And just imagine all the stupid stuff they could have done and all the idiotic causes they could have endorsed if they had lived longer.

  8. Can they do one to show what Joey Biden would look like if he wasn’t a life-long corrupt brain-dead retarded Usurper?

    mortem tyrannis
    izlamo delenda est …


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