How far away were these walls when they began closing in on Trump?

Even the original NeverTrump hater thinks it’s absurd –

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  1. That’s a great video. The enemy has no strategy. Actually, the walls are closing in on THEM…but they are in a drug-addled stupor.

    2020 can’t get here soon enough.

  2. Wow, Fuck Erica Erickson. Use to follow that guy on twatter before they handed me the Twatter death sentence. I think the fat fuck blocked me no less than three times. Wonder if the Fat Fuck is missing the Rush set in Gigs. Now if you read his shit its like he encouraged Trump to run. What an fing loser.
    Last time around with this asshole who apparently lives in Colorado, after posting how his also over weight wife were in the hospital, hope she survives, pops loose with, I think I’ll buy a gun a teach my son how to hunt. Oh, to much fun there. Who’s gonna teach you fat bastard?
    My suggestion he put his kid up for adoption to give him a chance seemed to be the last straw. What a loser.
    This guy is a perfect example of low hanging fruit for Globalists. He deserves no quarter. And no your not welcome back into the club asshole. Your to stupid.

  3. OMG. Not only are the talking heads utter lunatics, but anyone who can listen to them say the same thing over and over again is clinically insane.

    INSANITY: Doing the same thing repetitively expecting a different outcome

    I just don’t believe that half the country is insane and voting for democrats. I think our elections are as much of a rigged show as the ‘impeachment’ is. Trump just wasn’t expected to win so they didn’t rig it as much as they should have…and an ‘accident’ happened – he won.

    On the other hand, IF half our country IS INSANE, then we need to clean house in a major way….

  4. I agree with Anon above, I have a long memory and I never forget, Eric Erickson is on my list of those who can kiss my butt. There is a very long list, HotAir(Whomever AP is still can’t shut the hell up), Twitchy(They seem to be trying to get back on the bus outside of that Sarah bitch), Glenn Beck(another trying to get back on the bus), Levin(appears to have been let back on the bus, but I still don’t listen to him). That is just a few on my list.

  5. I picture the old westerns where the bad guy clutches his heart and staggers all over saying “ya got me” and then pulls a gun and kills the bad guy.

    But they’ve been closing in on him for years.

  6. Thanks for posting this!
    Gave me justification in 2:20 minutes for my affirmation of not watching this needless over paid worthless scum.
    Dear advertisers don’t think no one is watching,
    just because we don’t,
    we also don’t buy because of your support of idiocy.

  7. There is only one script writer. He/She is some schmuck in the DNC who feeds all of the mainstream media and their commentators.


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