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How FBI Spy Stefan Halper Helped Put Two Bushes in the White House

American Thinker:

By J.B. Shurk

Mark Hemingway wrote a fascinating exposé chronicling the enigmatic life of Stefan Halper, the Cambridge University professor and FBI informant who attempted to entrap low-level Trump campaign associates with promises that “his friendship with Russian spies” could aid Trump’s efforts to win the presidency.  Hemingway notes that although most Americans were unfamiliar with Halper until details of the FBI’s Crossfire Hurricane counterintelligence operation against the Republican presidential nominee came to light, he has been a stubbornly recurring fixture near the intersection of American politics and espionage for fifty years.

The man who failed to ensnare George Papadopoulos, Carter Page, and Sam Clovis in the FBI’s efforts to seek and find Trump-Russia “collusion” in the run-up to the 2016 election not only achieved professional success in the ’70s and ’80s after marrying the daughter of the former director of the Directorate of Intelligence (the second-highest ranking intelligence officer at the CIA) but was also peripherally connected to both an alleged spying operation against Jimmy Carter and bank accounts linked to the Iran-Contra Affair.  Tracking Halper from his employment in the Nixon administration to his mysteriously lucrative remuneration from the Department of Defense just last decade, Hemingway catalogs the professor’s résumé discrepancies, uncertain roles in numerous political scandals, and timely professional pivots.  Ultimately, he concludes that the more we learn about Stefan Halper, the less we really know.  

Although Hemingway succeeds in providing substantially richer detail regarding the professional exploits of Stefan Halper, one interesting story worth noting is left out.  In the 1980 presidential contest between Ronald Reagan and Jimmy Carter, Halper allegedly played an instrumental role in belatedly securing for George H.W. Bush a spot on the Republican ticket.  MORE

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  1. ^^^^ Agree. Most need the William Wallace treatment. Hung, drawn and quartered and then chopped into pieces.

  2. The way i heard it 42 years ago was Ronny put the leftist on the ticket for “party unity”. Jim was the clear winner in ’76 and the GOP “leadership” feared a repeat of ’64 when the Nixon/Bush folk either backed LBJ or sat out the election.

    Hindsight shows these fears were unfounded. Had Ronny not put GHWB on the ticket he’d still won. Maybe a close election; but Ronny would win.

    Belated disclaimer, AGAIN. I have always been conservative; so I have never liked leftists named Bush!

  3. Weird how Halper gets to live placidly in the Virginia exurbs of DC, but Joseph Mifsud is still missing.

  4. America has been headed in the wrong direction for a long time and Trump really messed up their plans. That’s why they are working so hard to get back on schedule.
    Has anybody else considered that 9/11 was part of the plan? Bush really didn’t respond when told about the attack.

  5. That boy is as ugly as George Soros – inside and outside.

    They’d pimp their own grandmohers if they could make a buck.

  6. Speaking of George (ASS)H(OLE). Bush.

    I think a deep seeded reason the RINO Establishment HATES PRESIDENT Trump is because of Ross Perot, who siphoned votes off that dead globalist schmuck in ’92. Hence, he lost to Bubba. And what was Ross? A businessman. Just like PRESIDENT Trump.


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