How Filthy Are Progressive Utopias? Tow Truck Companies Won’t Haul Away Campers

LA Daily News-

Motor homes have become a fixture on Los Angeles streets in recent years, a reflection of the growing number of homeless people living out of campers.

Along with the increase in RVs, calls to haul them away are rising. But the city has hit a roadblock as the number of tow companies willing to do the work dwindles.

City officials say that increase has led to a rise in enforcement measures, often in response to complaints from residents and business owners to remove campers that are unregistered or have overstayed the 72-hour limit on city streets.

But earlier this year, the city hit a snag in responding to the towing requests, after a pair of towing contractors quit, citing the unsanitary conditions of the vehicles and the inability to recoup the cost of towing them.

The city was left with one company in Wilmington, Pepe’s Towing, to handle all of the city’s towing jobs for vehicles heavier than 10,000 pounds.

The city of Los Angeles impounded “approximately” 1,000 motor homes and trailers in 2016, but only about half were claimed, according to a city report.


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  1. The capper to this camper conundrum will be when Pepe’s Towing, cited for health and environmental code violations, is forced out of business.

  2. That’s great news. Keep those homeless and illegal immigrants flowing into California. I hope they increase their free stuff to attract even more.

  3. With entrepreneurs leaving California, freeshitters seem to be moving in, keeping the population about the same. Having the same problem in Portland. NONE of the freeshitter mobiles have Oregon license plates.

  4. Society is ridiculous

    The jobs are in the city, but no one can afford to live in the city. SO, there’s public transportation to where you live right? No. I have to drive over an hour each way costing lots of money.

    Well you can live on the street. Nope. That’s loitering.

    Ok, live in your van or R.V. Nope. Time limits on the streets you pay for. No parking lots either, or side roads, or private streets.

    There’s no where you can exist where the state won’t come down and harass you, and tell you to move.

    Just kill yourself, but do it in a place the gov’t will approve of.

  5. The big problem is the mountain of garbage they leave. There were two beat up RV’S not far from my house 6 weeks ago, when they were run off they dumped a huge load plus a 5 gallon container of piss. It just got cleaned up but they left the piss bucket. Yesterday I saw a new pile of trash there from a Mexican party they had at the rented building there.
    If they leave trash they should be put on a road crew for 60 days in chains.

  6. At some point some of these homeless (and I do have pity for them as for the most part they don’t want to be on the streets and would take any kind of job if it weren’t already taken up by an illegal) will move into Brentwood and Hollywood Hills. Then you’ll see the cops working the nightsticks and with luck you’ll also see some of the leftwing shit disturbers out with their phone cams showing that the cops in LA have two standards, one for LA and one for the rich of LA. If we’re real lucky you’ll see a beating on the news in front of Steisands house or one of the other more vocal limo liberals.

  7. Republicans will not – ever – kill Obamacare (toldayso) but they will vote to bail out California or Illinois, whichever collapses first.

  8. California socialists expect free towing for the greater good no doubt. You idiots want them moved, shell out the money to the tow companies! Or have you run out of others peoples money already?

  9. Was just there and could not believe the number of tents, campers and people living out of their cars. It was filthy and disgusting. Plus these liberals in California who are all for water conservation, we saw numerous times where they were wasting it. Hypocrites.

  10. I’d like to see Congress and the Senate go on location and clean up all the crap themselves.
    After all, they voted to let third world filth in the door, let them get up close and personal to what they voted for.

  11. The towing companies will sell the RV’s and trailers to FEMA after the next hurricane down here along the Gulf.

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