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How Hard Is It To Comply With The Kentucky Medicaid Work Requirements?


Kentucky became the first state to implement work requirements for Medicaid eligibility Friday, one day after the Trump administration announced that it would begin granting waivers empowering states to exercise greater control of the administration of Medicaid dollars, in a reversal of long standing federal policy.

Kentucky Gov. Matt Bevin, who ran on a pledge to reverse the Medicaid expansion facilitated by his predecessor under Obamacare, praised the move as “the most transformational entitlement reform that has been seen in a quarter of a century,” during a Friday press conference.

“Why should a working-age person not be expected to do something in exchange for what they are provided?” Bevin asked during the press conference in Frankafort.  read more

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  1. I have a friend that lives in a rather unsavory neighborhood. He tells stories of his neighbors, mostly on the govt dole, smoking pot before going on an interview – with a company that requires a drug test. Do that once a month and they are set; no work but rake in the bennies.

  2. Good, drive them into the welfare states and get these mooches off the backs of the productive. Let the states that promote this giveaway be bled dry and suffer collapse. Then maybe some sanity will develop.

  3. The politician quoted in the article has conflated medicaid which is an income means test for medical coverage, and Medicare for people under age 65 which is a disability program.

    Lies not facts = fake news.

  4. The generational, professional medicare/disability scammer will do whatever it takes to beat the system and not work. But yes, you will eliminate the less savvy scammers.

  5. Watch for a mass exodus. Tell the worthless bums the liberal cities on the west coast are begging for more bums just to make sure the democrats always have a majority. Portland is building $400,000 bum condos to attract more low life losers.

  6. Hired a temp worker during a rush time. She showed up on time every day, did excellent work, and would have made a good full time employee. She explained the “game” during a lunch break. She works on and off during the year with part time jobs. During her “off” time, she buys the Saturday paper, waits a few days, and phones help wanted ads until she finds 3-4 with filled positions. These are circled and shown as “I was looking for work” documentation.

  7. There will be no mass exodus to progressive havens. The ones who move are the ones with the means to do so. No job = no means.

    More likely, we will see a sharp decline in unemployment in the Bluegrass State.

  8. It’s hard, really hard. First, you have to get up on time to go to work. Then you have to show up on time, ready to work.
    By then, they wash out real fast.

  9. Here in Central VA one of the large employers is PM (ugh cigarettes). A friend of mine has worked there for some years now and tells me that they are constantly hiring but only about 10% of new hires show up for a second day on the yob…… WTF? There is NO manual labor involved in the manufacture and packaging of cigarettes..

    “Speaking the truth in times of universal deceit is a revolutionary act.” Geo. Orwell

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