How Hot is This Hot Sauce?


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  1. I did a “Like” on your comment, went to the heat & flavor link, came back here and you had zero “Likes.” I clicked the “Like” again, and it’s still zero. SOMTING wrong here.

    Anyway, the company isn’t set up for internet ordering is it.

  2. If anyone ever feels a sore throat or a cold coming on (even in the midst of it) just take five shots of tabasco and keep your mouth closed. I decided on a whim to try that and for the last few years I rarely get sick or get a full-blown cold.

  3. I agree. “Likes” are messed up. I like 2 comments, went back in and they each went DOWN one like.

    About the hot sauce: I used to earn quarters chugging anything hot. Nowadays I go for the flavor plus medium heat – Cholula Chipotle is my current favorite.

    Tabasco and Sriracha both put heat before flavor (and make me sweat from my bald spot.

    Prilosec (Omeprazole) has replaced Rolaids in my diet, as well.

  4. My GI doctor and surgeon both wanted me to take Prilosec every day for the rest of my life because I don’t have a working LES. And I pointed out to both of them something that I would expect them to be aware of – lots of recent studies are finding aluminum in the brains of people with dementia and altzhimers , and Prilosec is loaded with aluminum.
    They offered no alternative. So I asked them what about Pepcid, Pepcid has no aluminum in it. Both times, these idiots said that would be good, and both of those sons of bitches wrote in their reports (all of which I request copies of) that THEY had ADVISED me to take Pepcid every day. And I am paying both of those chumps for the advice that I had suggested to them. Just can’t win.

    But on the subject of hot sauce, I use Frank’s original flavor. It’s made from cayenne pepper which has been found in recent studies to actually reduce the production of stomach acid by sending a signal to the stomach to produce less acid.
    Go figure. It helped me to heal a stomach ulcer, along with aloe vera juice and a few other natural remedies.

    I’m still not needing to take the Pepcid, but I do have a package of it handy just in case. Usually, the aloe vera juice alone will put the fire out in a matter of minutes.

  5. @ Unruly
    Yes but as long as they are wearing their white smocks they know better.
    Always remember these people are getting Benny’s for pushing drugs and some of them will kill you. Remember Vioxx for one of them.

  6. I once bought some extreme hot sauce from the local Hot Sauce store in town. ( tourist attraction ) I took a toothpick and dipped it in for a taste. EVERY cell in my mouth awoke and became irritated. OMG! it was so intense. I threw the bottle out! I love hot and spicy, the hotter the better… but this was beyond enjoyable. I wish I could remember the name of that sauce. It was something funny for sure! but not the shit the bed one. I’ve seen that one, and always thought who the hell would buy food with the word ‘shit’ in the name?

    I’ll will also mention that for WEEKS anytime I had something even mildly spicy, my mouth would recreate the extreme reaction I had from that sauce. I thought I ruined my cast-iron stomach for hot and spicy foods. Thankfully it went away, and I’m back my normal tolerance.

  7. Bunster’s Shit the Bed Hot Sauce – 150ml
    Price: $18.99
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    If you drink cordial straight from the bottle, iron your shirts while you’re still wearing them and aren’t afraid of a next morning clean up, this one’s for you.
    This is a healthy whole food hot sauce. No preservatives, fake flavours or yucky stuff. It’s vegan, paleo friendly, fat and gluten free.
    This sauce is 12/10 on the heat scale. It’s made using whole chillies – not extract! so it tastes great.
    Ingredients: orange juice, onions, red peppers, coconut sugar, chilli, apple cider vinegar, coriander, lime juice, garlic, ginber, himalayan crystal salt.

  8. They lost me at the orange juice, if peppers isn’t first on the list, leave it.
    More sugar than salt?
    Nineteen bucks!
    Afraid I will never be able to tell you how hot, I wouldn’t even steal that shit.

  9. I’ve written this before, but years ago in Organic Gardening, they did a feature on hot peppers. People who died in the desert and were full of hot pepper were never touched by animals of any kind.

    Also, keep a bottle of digestive enzymes in the cabinet instead of Pepcid or Prevacid. Take a couple after acid sets in. You’ll burp a little bit, but you won’t have any more problems. Digestive enzymes also take free radicals out of the body. You can thank me later. Over and out.

  10. NOT yet. The last day trip I made to the shop Karen said the web site is still being worked on.
    It’s a small place but crammed full.

  11. These guys are nutz. They eat the Carolina Reaper and appear to be in serious apin. It’s supposed to be the latest hottest pepper on Earth.

    We grew Thai hots one year and those are plenty hot. Cute little things like Christmas lights. An employee of by husbands made a visit home to Trinidad and brought us a bag full of local Ghost peppers. It’s been years and I will never forget the heat from those monsters.

  12. As a public service I offer these opinions on commonly available sauces. YMMV.

    La Victoria: Red comes in 3 heats, a thermometer on the label to identify. I use the mildest instead of ketchup. Also available in green.

    Pico Pica: Taco Sauce and Hot Sauce. Best flavor due to roasted peppers. Hot variety is my favorite, I use it to adjust heat of other sauces.

    Tapatio: A bit more heat than Pico Pica hot, but less flavor, and more vinegar.

    Cholula: Decent flavor, but the ones I have tried have a bit less heat than Pico Pica.

    Tabasco: You all know this classic. A yardstick for heat. A bit vinegary for my taste. Useful on eggs, hash browns, biscuits and gravy etc.

    PicAPeppa: Noticeably more heat than Tabasco. Vinegar and sugar less noticeable due to the heat. I use this in Bloody Marys (with Hot V8, cheap vodka, Ortega chili or pepperoncini garnish, and sometimes add some bacon bits. Mmmmm, bacon….)

    Red Rooster: Similar to Pickapeppa.

    There are lots of other hot sauces: Oriental, Asian etc, etc.
    A trend I have noticed is a race to market the hottest sauce.
    I have tried many, and have little use for them. Fleeting popularity based on novelty or notoriety may not replace usefulness.

    Yeah, they are hot.

  13. TY Eugenia. I refuse to purchase anything from Penzey’s anymore. He’s gotten so flippin liberal and preachy in his emails and in their catalog. Even though I like a few of their products, not gonna order.

  14. But Vioxx, Bextra, and a couple others worked. Nothing – alone or in combination – I’ve used since they took those off the market have worked even half as well. I begged my rheumatologist for Vioxx and I’d sign any paper absolving them of responsibility just so I could be without constant pain.

  15. Phuzzy Logick , try 100% pure noni juice for pain and inflammation. You won’t like the taste at first, but just weigh that against the pain. No side effects. Only thing keeping me from another back surgery.
    Take it on an empty stomach, and give it a couple of weeks if it doesn’t work right away.

  16. Redskin , I haven’t tried the digestive enzymes because I don’t like the idea of consuming ox bile extract. But I have used bromelain which is one of the ingredients in a lot of those mixtures. DGL licorice is great too, and activated charcoal will absorb a lot of stomach acid.

    But thanks for the tip just the same. I might take a second look at that stuff. 🙂

  17. down here in Louisiana, we can tell apart a tourist trap from a decent Cajun restaurant.

    The tourist trap has Tabasco on the table

    The real Cajun restaurant has Crystal or Louisiana brand on the table

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