How Liz Warren Built A $12 Million Fortune


Democratic presidential hopeful Elizabeth Warren identifies as a capitalist, which makes sense, given her estimated $12 million fortune.

She and her husband, Bruce Mann, both longtime law professors, hold much of their wealth in retirement accounts. Their TIAA and CREF accounts—available to educators and nonprofit employees—are worth at least $4 million. They also own two homes: a $3 million Victorian in Cambridge, Massachusetts, and an $800,000 condo in Washington, D.C.  

Warren, who represents Massachusetts in the senate, grew up poor in Oklahoma, as the youngest of four. Her father was a maintenance man, and her mother worked as a minimum wage employee at Sears. Warren got a debate scholarship to attend George Washington University but dropped out at 19 to marry her first husband, Jim Warren. His job at IBM pulled them down to Texas, where she got a degree in speech pathology and audiology from the University of Houston. In 1970, the Warrens moved to New Jersey, where Elizabeth went to law school at Rutgers University, with her toddler daughter in tow. She graduated in 1976 and began teaching at Rutgers the next year.

Over the next 20 years, she worked at five more universities, ultimately ending up at Harvard in 1995. Warren didn’t spend all her time in the lecture hall. In May, her campaign released a list of dozens of corporate cases, dating back to 1985, where she served as a consultant, mediator, writer of amicus briefs or expert witness. She also published books on bankruptcy law and the middle class throughout the 1990s and 2000s. read more

9 Comments on How Liz Warren Built A $12 Million Fortune

  1. she profited quite well from buying houses in foreclosure in Oklahoma, evicting the elderly residents, then flipping the houses.

    slimey lying liar, she is

  2. To be fair to Dizzy Lizzy Warren…
    Only has $12M dollars, Is that all from her Gummint stipend,
    Was any of that made by using her Cherokee Heritage?
    How do we know’?
    Did she have a law license in the state she was in?

  3. All those years in Academia explain why she’s not qualified for any government job, least of all, President.


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