How Low Can Joe Go?

There’s no bottom on how low Joe Biden will go .

American Thinker:

We already know that Joe’ Biden’s head is empty. Now, we can see that the same condition applies to his soul. Desperation over his crumbling voter appeal – his last chance at the presidency after which has lusted for decades – has led him to reveal his inner emptiness.

Who better to reveal such soullessness than Al Sharpton, the race hustler who incited 2 lethal pogroms, the first in Crown Heights, Brooklyn, and second atFreddy’s Fashion Mart in Harlem? Speaking to the self-ordained “reverend,” Joe Biden likened the presidency of Donald Trump to the assassination of Martin Luther King, Jr.


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  1. The last polling I saw he hadn’t lost any ground.
    I love that the feminist, minority-loving left is still voting for the creepy old white establishment guy – women included!

  2. I like Big Fur accentuating the uniformity of Sharpton’s head to body ratio.
    It’s a nice touch and I’m quite sure relative to the facts.

  3. I guess I shouldn’t be amazed that Biden would claim the media didn’t play the whole clip and took him out of context when he himself took Trump out of context and accused him of claiming that the violent faction in Charlottesville “were good people.”

  4. It would take an excavator, a dump truck, a dragline shovel and asbestos underwear to answer that question.

  5. “…That’s not what I said, though. They didn’t print the whole deal, you know what I mean? The context of this was totally different…”

    Says the guy who’s still falsely claiming that Trump praised some racists. Enjoy your cup of Karma, Joe.

  6. “– his last chance at the presidency after which has lusted for decades –”

    …if horniness for power got you there, we’d have President Hillary x10 at this point, ’cause ain’t NO ONE ever had a raging boner for power like Her Thighness…

    …also, doesn’t matter. They will “draft” that guy Barry was “married” to, “Michelle”, at the convention anyway…

  7. It’s funny watching that pandering halfwit groveling to Sharpton. That’s going to put him over the top, yeah sure it is.

  8. If old pervert Joe will go low enough to even be in the same room as the slimy, dirty, and corrupt Rev Al he will stoop low enough to do anything!

  9. Al still has not even attempted to pay back his tax-payer loan ill-attempted Filet-Mignon 5 star hotel 2004 presidential run.
    Wait a minute, Hillery’s 2008 attempt was paid off by Obama and got Secretary of State to boot.
    Stopped checking that box about ‘contributing’ a $1.00 on my tax return a long time ago,,
    Concludes it’s time:–~B/aD00NzI7dz02MzA7c209MTthcHBpZD15dGFjaHlvbg–/

  10. When your millionaire parents buy you a degree you do not need brains.

    The UNIPARTY has dozens of such. A man with an IQ 2 standard deviations left of the mean had very rich grandparents and parents. From ’50 to ’90 they gave $millions to UT. This imbecile graduated with a Pi Beta Kappa key!?@!?$^# It pays to be born to rich folk! Joe is just another such UNIPART example!

  11. “How Low Can Joe Go?”

    you’re kidding, right? … what is, lower than all the rest of the D’rat candidates?, Alex

    by the time this next election is over, the D’rat nominee will so low s/he will be circling the 9th ring of Hell

  12. Clever. SloJoe’s handlers paired him up with Al Sharpton just to make Joe look not so stupid after all. Clever.


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