How Mad Is She?

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  1. You can judge how angry a women is by what she’s doing with her hands. If she doesn’t have a gun in them you’re doing OK.

  2. Ah, not necessarily, Brad. I’ve been told on occasion, “you gotta got to sleep sometime.” 😉

  3. Ever hear that Wiilie Nelson story about his first wife? An Injun. He passed out in bed after a night out on the town, she sewed him into the sheets while he slept. She waits for him to wake up and she beats the hell out of him with a broom handle. My kinda woman.

  4. Right out of high school I delivered flowers for a local florist. The looks on the faces of the women who got the gifts were priceless. Their entire soul would smile and they would thank me for delivering them. I had nothing to do with it, but I suspect hubby or boyfriend got lucky that night.

    I do remember one of the office girls putting a vase of a dozen roses in the display case by the front door. I asked why and she said the person that ordered them never came by to get them. Then she said, “Don’t worry. Some guy will stop by between 4-5 because he’s feeling guilty.” When I came back after my afternoon run, the roses were gone! I looked at her and she smiled and winked!

  5. OT. Rowdy Roddy Piper died today at 61. Widow maker. Besides being an all around good guy in real life he delivered a line in “They Live” that all TV tuff guys try and equal but never have. “I’m here to chew bubble gum and kick ass and I’m all out of bubble gum”. RIP.

  6. My wife is a psychiatrist and thinks giving a woman flowers is beyond stupid.
    How does buying flowers change what you did?
    She insists that I go thru a complicated ‘what made you do what you did’
    Hours of talking and talking. I have gone through 2 of these sessions in 20 years. The second one lasted 45 days.
    God if I could just buy some damn flowers.

  7. What did I do? The second time? I bought a $100,000+ car.
    To race at the track
    After 45 days I took it back at a $25,000 loss.
    I thought she said it was ok…..I was wrong

  8. Alice and Judy were having coffee in Judy’s kitchen
    when Judy’s husband pulled into the driveway. They watched as Jim
    took a large bunch of roses from the back seat.

    Oh shit, said Judy, now I’ll have to spend the weekend in bed with my legs spread because of these effing roses.

    Why don’t you just put them in a vase? said Alice.

    (How do you spell bunch in French?)

  9. I would be out of work if people quit buying flowers. We do sell a whole lot of flowers in the company that I work for. And my Kalispell, Montana route on Mondays is my most profitable route, they buy a heck of a lot of flowers up there.

  10. “they buy a heck of a lot of flowers up there”

    That’s because some of my best relatives are buried in Kalispell, and they’re not the kind that would like plastic flowers on their graves.

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