How Many More Gaffes Does Biden Need to Commit Before He’s Out?

Biden constantly forgets his location. On November 2, he told Iowa voters, “How many unsafe bridges do you still have here in the state of Ohio?”

LifeZette: Here are 12 of the former vice president’s awkward comments and less-than-perfect moments — no one is making this up.

The latest gaffes and awkward comments and moments as committed by former Vice President Joe Biden this week are among the top news stories right now.

There’s his “damn liar,” “fat,” “you’re too old to vote for me,” and “no one has ever said that my son did anything wrong with Burisma” comments — not to mention the challenge-of-strength remark — all from one day, Thursday, during a campaign event in Iowa.

There’s the “they like to touch my hairy legs” video clip about kids that resurfaced recently.

Biden apparently shared that story a few years ago.

There’s the moment from last Sunday when he tried to nibble his own wife’s finger during an Iowa campaign event.

It’s fascinating, by the way, that some on the Left think Biden’s show of “force” and “coherence” and even “bravado” during the Iowa event on Thursday — when he went face-to-face with an 83-year-old voter — was a good thing.

Most Americans recognize what happened as a weak moment, an aggressive moment — and that Biden, as a 2020 frontrunner, needs to be far better prepared and able to handle encounters, questions and confrontations with everyday Americans as these things occur on the campaign trail.

But all of the above is just the tip of the iceberg.

Here’s a list of 12 actual comments and instances involving Joe Biden, who is still, at this point in time, the 2020 Democratic frontrunner for the nomination. (But even this doesn’t include them all.) Read them here

21 Comments on How Many More Gaffes Does Biden Need to Commit Before He’s Out?

  1. The MSM will grant Biden all the slack he desires

    This is the same msm which NEVER criticized
    Obama’s nearly daily impeachable offenses.

    To say nothing of Obama’s lack of
    American citizenship and birth certificate.

    Yet these same pigs demand President Trump’s
    tax returns that they already have and
    have had since 2015 !

  2. I hope he becomes the Dem nominee. Half the Dems won’t vote for him because he’s “not diverse”. Others will stay away because he is not radical enough. Independents will see his corrupt incompetence.

    Of course, these are also the reasons he will not be nominated.

  3. Our Joey is on the Cruising for a Bruising to Palookaville Bus Tour. Nothing is going to stop this pathetic paragon of plagiarism except Democrat Party voters and six flat tires. He belongs in a wax museum. However, anyone who wants President Donald J. Trump re-elected in 2020, should be hoping that the Man from Baltimore/Burisma gets the nomination of the Democrat-Socialist-Reparations-Homosexualists-Dementia Party. Run, Joey, run!

  4. This clumsy buffoon is becoming too painful to watch. Keep in mind that although he’s a gaff machine with a supercharger he still mopped the floor with Paul Ryan. That says all anyone needs to know about Ryan.

  5. It’s part of his charm.

    He’s a champion of the functionally retarded. We all heard the applause when he called that old fat dude an old fat dude (I’m an old fat dude, so it’s OK for me to write that, like a negro saying “nigger”).

    They don’t cringe when he rambles and forgets which state he’s in because they’re not really sure either.

    izlamo delenda est …

  6. It’s laughably obvious that the DNC realizes they have no dog in this fight with any of their “candidates” and they know Trump owns the 2020 election. Think Reagan-Mondale match up X 100. They’ll nominate Joe only because he was Chicago Jesus’ VP and the debates are gonna be a bloodbath. Trump won’t be intimidated by the “mean spirited” label the left always throws out that makes the squishy regular Republicans run away with tail tucked.

  7. Joe Biden staying in the race is the lynchpin of their impeachment scam.

    If he didn’t run, there would be no “Trump is trying to get a foreign government to influence the 2020 election”.

    So this half a retard stroke victim is going to have a broomstick up his ass and Jeff Dunham moving his arms and insulting fat old fucks and challenging them to push up contests in his audience despite plummeting in the polls.

    Anyone else would have quit after diving naked head first into an empty concrete swimming pool but Zombie Biden plods along because the media and Democrats need for him to still pretend like he was ever going to be President. He was already too old and too white to win the Dem nomination but because of impeachment he has purpose.

  8. Now that Dingle-barry obama is affiliated with Netflix, maybe Blow-me-low Joe can get his own comedy stand-up special. “I was once campaigning in Ohio, you know, where they grow potatoes…”

  9. Back in 2011 or 2012, my company had a bunch of us attend a motivational event in New Orleans. Among the speakers were George W’s wife Whatsrrnsme (can’t recall her name but a nice lady), the execrable backstabbing opportunistic political general Colon Powell and….Zig Ziegler.

    I’d read Zig’s motivational sales books over the years and was looking forward to seeing him. But the man I saw that day was a hollow shell of his former self. His son was up there on the stage with him and Zig’s son said his dad “had suffered a fall and wasn’t himself all the time”. But as a grandson and son of dementia victims, what I saw that day was classic mid-stage senile dementia. Folks, Greezy Joe Biden has dementia.

    I mentioned the phrase Hollow Shell. That’s appropriate here to describe Greezy Joe Biden. At his best, Biden was a mixture of calculating politician, bumbling lawyer, corrupt grifter, plagiarizing poltroon, foul-mouthed fondler and arrogant asshole. But the dementia has stripped away and hollowed out all that, leaving behind a pathetic pitiful wreck of a foul-mouthed fondling arrogant ASSHOLE.

    Run Joe Run!

  10. he is only holding the spot for hillary.
    it’s still too early to draft her, she couldn’t hold up for a long campaign
    she needs to be a late entry
    or we will witness another scooby van debacle

  11. Anonymous DECEMBER 7, 2019 AT 3:23 AM

    So, “How many corrupt Muslim psychos does it take for Americans to understand we are at war within our own borders?”

    We have proven that we have an UNLIMITED CAPACITY…

  12. He’s the nominee. He’ll pick some incompetent, racist America-hating slob of a woman as VP. Guess which one?

  13. Joe is setting up a ‘diminished capacity’ defense… in case he is not nominated and elected. If he is elected t is we who need the defense. He is not truly diminished in capacity, but clearly cognizant of his crimes.

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