How Many More Of These Stinkers Can Hollywood Stand?

Steven Spielberg and Meryl Streep are making the rounds  promoting their latest yawner, The Post. Since the film is about the competition between the Washington Post and the New York Times to publish the Pentagon Papers, the two Hollywood icons had to spew their own lefty opinions on the current state of the media.


19 Comments on How Many More Of These Stinkers Can Hollywood Stand?

  1. I read that they think that this movie had to be made at this time, because Trump is the new Nixon, only worse. I bet it bombs everywhere except where the Bicoastals live.

  2. Television is doing the same, I watched Will & Grace as I remembered that “Messing” gal talking about a return to TV just to Hunt Trump down ! The Show was so Biased it was Embarrassing to watch !

  3. Ain’t there something that happened during the Clinton presidency and then Hillary’s TWO failed presidential attempts that is deserving of these luminaries of the cinema empire to sink their self righteous genitals in?….

  4. I love to go to the movies, or used to. At one time, during a low point in my life, I would go see every movie in a theater in one day.

    Now, i very rarely find anything that I would rather go to the theater to see, rather than pick up dog 💩in my yard. The stench is much more tolerable, than watching or listening to half-assed, egotistical, hypocritical jackasses, on a gigantic screen,

  5. Are they doing this just to rehash history that nobody wants to remember. Ask a millennial or someone younger a few questions about this and see what kind of dumb looks and stupid answers you get. Who. Gives. A. Shit.

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