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How Many SCHOOL SHOOTINGS Since January 1st?

From Corky-

Yesterday, after the Kentucky shooting, I heard several conservative sources saying that that was the 11th shooting of 2018. I was stunned, to say the least. Then I see that the NYT has run with it and Gavin Newsome is blaming the NRA (Shock!). This morning I ran across this list (from HuffPost of all places) of what the shootings entailed. You can see there are some suicides and shootings outside of the school included. School shootings are awful but to have the media be disingenuous is not shocking but maddening. – Corky


Here’s the complete list of shooting incidents schools have faced so far this year:

Jan. 23: Marshall County High School in Benton, Kentucky

A 15-year-old boy opened fire inside the school, killing two and injuring 16.

Jan. 22: NET Charter High School in New Orleans, Louisiana

Someone driving by the school fired on a group of students in the parking lot. Only one boy was injured.

Jan. 22: Italy High School in Italy, Texas

A 16-year-old boy shot a 15-year-old girl in the cafeteria. He was arrested and she was airlifted to a hospital, where she was “in good spirits” as of Tuesday.

Jan. 20: Wake Forest University in Winston-Salem, North Carolina

Following an argument, a 21-year-old Winston-Salem University student was shot and killed during a sorority event at Wake Forest University.

Jan. 15: Wiley College in Marshall, Texas

Two people in a car exchanged gunfire with a person in a dormitory parking lot. No one was injured, but a bullet was fired into a dorm room with three female students inside.

Jan. 10: Coronado Elementary School in Sierra Vista, Arizona

A 14-year-old died in a school bathroom from a self-inflicted gunshot wound.

Jan. 10: Grayson College in Denison, Texas

A student confused a training weapon with a real one and fired a bullet through a classroom wall. No students were injured.

Jan. 10: California State University in San Bernardino, California

At least one shot was fired, shattering one classroom window. No students were injured.

Jan. 6: School bus in Forest City, Iowa

A 32-year-old man fired a pellet gun at a school bus, shattering one of the windows. No students were injured.

Jan. 4: New Start High School in Seattle, Washington

Two shots were fired at the school from outside the building. No students were injured.

Jan. 3: East Olive Elementary School in St. John, Michigan

A man standing in the school’s parking lot called 911 saying he was suicidal. He spoke with a county official for several hours on the phone, according to local media, but ultimately shot himself and died from a single gunshot wound.

8 Comments on How Many SCHOOL SHOOTINGS Since January 1st?

  1. As long as THEY continue to make schools soft targets this will continue to happen. And the Communist know this. It’s a great tool for them to try and continually disarm us.

  2. It is maddening the depths that they distort and lie to promote their leftist agenda.

    But that is who they are and what they do.

  3. The intentional distortion of facts by an agenda driven media and one political party is disturbing and chilling.
    Their feverish desire to disarm the citizenry should cause every American to reject them en masse.

    No worries for the next 7 years with PDT.

    But leftists are cancer. It never sleeps. Never relents. It’s

  4. Why is this happening? Guns are banned from most schools. It’s like these bad guys don’t care.

    Some of these are hood related rather than school related.

  5. They forgot Little Jimmy Smith that fired a spitball at Mrs. Mcguilicuddy from a high powered fully semi automatic straw with a bumper stock during nap time.

  6. Using a pellet gun is considered a shooting???

  7. Using the criteria of the HuffPoo, there were probably hundreds of school “shootings” in that same period. Shooting school windows with a BB gun used to be a time-honored tradition.

  8. They keep talking about charging the 15 year-old Kentucky killer as an adult.
    WTF? Put him DOWN!

    He will likely be released from prison before he turns thirty.
    Whereas the doctor who molested his patients gets a life sentence.


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