How many years will it be before Obama’s new 15 million dollar home is under the rising ocean?

Would you buy here, in Martha’s Vineyard, if you believed the oceans were rising?

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  1. Maybe, just maybe, some doubt will creep into a few minds that have been mislead and they will begin to question more of what they thought they knew. We can only hope. Thanks, Barky, for illuminating liberal hypocrisy, even if just a little…

  2. He’ll have a lot of fun trying to enjoy it after he’s indicted for being the chief orchestrator for trying to take down President Trump & serves his time in GITMO until nothing is left but his bones.

  3. The home will be under water 1,000 years after his legacy is under water. That makes it about 990 years from now.

  4. Hank Johnsone sez Martha’s Vineyard floats. Just make sure you seal the cracks in the basement floor with a large tube of Black Caucus…

  5. If it does become submerged don’t forget he purposefully married a Humpback Whale in order to save his girly ass from this type of disaster!

  6. Do you think Mike and Barry, might be “over compensating “ a bit too much? And also, will the new EPA thermostat requirements be applied to this small , fixer upper?

  7. Chris Plante was speaking about this purchase on Martha’s Vineyard. He spoke of something that happened on the Vineyard in 1997 that i had never before heard of, even though I lived on cape cod until late 1994.

    Apparently the town of Gay Head was renamed to Aquinnah in 1997 because this old town of 300 had many visitors dropping by for “the wrong reasons”, according to Mr. Plante.

    Would one of those unwanted visitors have been a former president and now a resident?

    Nah. Probably not.

  8. The obamas don’t have to worry of rising sea levels.

    They should be worrying of being burned out.

    Their old wealth Bostonian neighbors
    aren’t as tolerant as they pretend to be.

  9. I’m sure he tried to use flooding as a leverage point in price negotiations for the place.
    This makes house #3 for him. (Bernie too). Is he going to be heating empty houses during the winter, when he isn’t in them? That is a hell of a carbon assprint you got there, hussein. How can they argue about ‘carbon’ and wealth equality and ‘global warming,’ etc. and live the lives they do?

  10. They’ll have to pay Trump to build a big beautiful waterproof wall to stop the illegal ocean invasion.

  11. Well, there goes the neighborhood.

    I wonder how long it will take for the 0bama’s to bring Chicago style crime to Martha’s Vineyard.

  12. The Obama’s fleeced this country and are sticking the wealth right in our faces, laughing at us the whole time.

  13. Some drone should drop a gigantic load of pig manure on the property – very fucking day!
    One can only hope !!

  14. Wow. I’m thinkin’ what will the gardeners, maids, cooks, handymen, drivers, security etc. cost? Not bad for a Mack Daddy with no history of accomplishments.
    I forgot hairstylists, wig makers, and personal trainers.

  15. Baracky and Mooch better enjoy it while they can. It’s built on scared land of the Pokanoket Indians (seriously). They’ll be down here soon, felled by the Martha’s Boneyard curse.

    Look on the bright side, you two carpetbaggers, the climate of Hell tops Cape Cod’s in the dead of Winter.

  16. Scratch another vacation spot off many folks’ Bucket Lists.

    Why not stay in Washington, DC with others of your ilk?


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