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How Mike Pence Spent Veterans Day

Vice President Mike Pence continues to amaze in his ability to always do the right thing when he represents this country.
Yesterday, the Vice President and a group of volunteers gave the Vietnam War Memorial a good cleaning.


I did a picture search to see if former Vice Presidents Joe Biden or Al Gore had done the same to honor our veterans, but found nothing. I did the same search for Vietnam War Veteran John Kerry. The closest thing I could find was this cartoon, Here

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  1. it’s been reported that this was no photo-op, he & his wife spent 45 minutes out there in 34 degree weather

  2. There are those who find fault with even the most respectful and heart felt activity meant to honor those who have given to this country.

    Some of these ugly people tried to troll the comments section of this article and didn’t like when I called them on their smallness.

  3. Sorry to be a spoiler but, Mike Pence, Paul Ryan and Reince Preibus are considered the Midwest Power Structure against President Trump. Pence is aligned with Paul Ryan more than with Donald Trump. Pence is a little to anxious for Donald Trump’s job. The three were against Trump’s immigration stance on Muslims. Pence is GOPe.

  4. Amazing. I once tried to walk the entire length of the wall with co-workers. I had to excuse myself half-way, I don’t think any of them understood why.

    Semper Fi

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