How Much Do You Know About the American Healthcare Act?

Take a quiz. It’s a good way to get informed and be slightly entertained in the process.

HT/ C. Steven Tucker


18 Comments on How Much Do You Know About the American Healthcare Act?

  1. Got all correct and at the end it said congratulations you got 3 out of 7?!!! Should they really be running 1/6th of the economy?!

  2. Wow….that sure convinced me how wrong I was. I don’t trust those bastards to get this right. The swamp is bottomless.

  3. What the hell, I got all of the questions right and then they scored me three out of seven.
    C.Steven Trucker thanks for putting me on someones email list, you bastard.

  4. Steven Tucker,
    It took me a while, but you’ve got me convinced. Thanks buddy. You Bastard, lol. Honestly I didn’t give them my email address, but if I didn’t get any wrong I’m pretty sure I aced it.

  5. Who needs insurance? Under the AHCA, pre-existing conditions don’t matter, you just pay 30% more the first year. Get insurance after you get sick, and invest the money you save into HSA’s. That way, other people pay you healthcare needs. Am I right?

  6. ah yes. let us continue to treat 26 year olds as infants.

    btw, is paul ryan and his buds required to be on this plan?

  7. Told you Trump shouldn’t have tackled Obamacare first.
    Stupid move. You cant fix Obamacare period.
    Trump should just walk away NOW. let it implode!
    The minute Ryan touches it Trump owns it.
    3 phases my ass.

  8. close the deal vote or lose your seat?????????????
    Really Donald? Vote for an unconstitutional law rewritten by Justice Roberts or conservatives will face primary challenges.
    Trump falling in with RHINO’s dumb very dumb.
    Losing my support quickly.

  9. I wasn’t hearing “repeal and replace” before the election, only after.

    Did I miss something? I voted for ‘repeal’.

    Turns out my Congressman agrees with me.

    Go to work, get health insurance. Simple.


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