How No Border Wall Caused a Homeless Crisis 2,500 Miles Away in Maine

Building a wall won’t just protect states that share a border with Mexico, but even states that share a border with Canada.


When Americans think about border security, they usually imagine the floods of migrants crossing the border and showing up in Texas and Arizona. The illegal migrant crisis is at its worst in places like El Paso where gang members released by a broken immigration system swarm the streets. Limited border fencing had previously helped sharply cut crime rates in El Paso, but it doesn’t end in El Paso.

2,500 miles away, Portland, Maine is experiencing a crisis that redefines the nature of the problem and whom it impacts. Illegal border invaders aren’t just from this continent. Anyone who can fly into South America and make their way up to Mexico has a shot at crossing the border and invading America.

Portland shelters, 2,500 miles away, are overloaded by illegal migrants from sub-Saharan Africa who crossed the border and then kept right on going to one of the coldest, but most profitable parts of the country. Portland, like many areas in Maine, attracted migrants because of the generous social safety net that had been set up to help the local population deal with turbulent economic times.

Hundreds of African migrants who illegally crossed the border are now crowding Portland’s homeless shelters which are meant to protect local residents from the cold, but have instead been overrun by foreign migrants who have taken over the system and pushed the progressive city to the edge.

Portland, Maine, a city where the temperature this April had hit a balmy 28 degrees, is not a natural homeless hotspot. But refugee resettlement had diverted resources away from helping Maine’s poor, putting more people on the street, and the migrants began crowding into homeless shelters. Not only were Maine’s poor having trouble finding housing, but they were even being pushed out of homeless shelters by aggressive foreign migrants coming out of Africa through Mexico and Texas to Maine.  more here

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  1. Yeah …. East Bayside-India Street …. have a nice day
    They put people up in nice places but neglect to instruct them on the use of ahem, an electric stove.
    Redefining 3rd world. We’re it not for the churches the local government would be a total fail.

  2. They can build some huts of sticks and mud and it’ll be just like home. Trade beads with the locals for food and their topless wives can take in laundry they’ll wash on the rivers edge.

  3. Every entry point to the US is porous at this point: every unmonitored wilderness, every harbor, every airport… the horde of leeches who come and who never leave. The Democrats will wake up too late.

    There will be a breaking point: in the patience of the people, in the coffers of the Treasury, in the stretched efforts of law enforcement, and even in the good intentions of bleeding hearts who realize that we cannot take care of the entire planet. The Road to Hell is paved with you-know-what.

  4. Catholic Charities of Maine brought most of them here and dumped in the system. They have made about $25 million on this scheme. The govt. gives them money for every person they bring in.
    Now there are areas no one should go at night or during the day. Bayside as mentioned above. It used to be the Marginal Way area but the liberals in Portland changed it to Bayside to make it sound trendy.
    North Deering housing complexes are full of Somalis.
    It’s a mess.

  5. Enforce vagrancy laws, and start up some work farms. If they are Splibley’s (an old cop term for blacks with no visible means of support) then dart them like bears, slap ankle monitors on them and put them to work. They can pedal bikes that power the streetlights. No pedal, no food.
    They will go home presently.
    The entire world does not have the right to get food stamps and housing and live in America!

    There is a lady that runs a web site
    about these “church charity relocators”
    and 3rd world trash they dump on small towns.
    They get mega tax $$$ of your hard earned to
    do this treasonous act !!!

  7. Beachmom
    There is a small distinction with the immigrants that Catholic Charities have dumped on us.
    They are here legally.
    At least we think they are.
    Who knows?
    They all look they same to me…….

  8. Just another fact the globalists choose to ignore: The ones that aren’t caught at the border don’t tend to sick around the border, they find their way somewhere else.

  9. @BEACHMOM: Thanks for the info on the Leftist Catholic ‘Workers’ connection. This outfit has changed a great deal since Dorothy Day was running Saint Joseph‘s House at 36 E. 1st St. in the lower-east side or The Farm in Tivoli NY.
    The churches referred to (above) are Reformed/PCA’s and are doing copious amounts of volunteer work in the shelters and food kitchens. The evolving coloration within the church pews are of course Christian, having firsthand knowledge regarding the atrocities of Islam in places like places like Nigeria and Somalia. BTW: Portland would do well to learn from places like Dearborne Michigan and recent election results in Detroit which sent the House Rashida Tlaib ….

  10. Very easy fix. Stop welfare to anyone but an American citizen. Let other charities take up the slack . . . if they choose to.

  11. Beach mom, THANK YOU for information. Because Catholic Charities is profiting by bringing to America Christianity’s mortal enemies, I will never give them another dime. Last time there was a second collection for CC they probably didn’t get $200 from 4 Masses. At another Church, at the end of Mass Father rolled his eyes, said he was told they had to take a second collection for CC. $5-10 maybe?


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