How not to be an announcer

“A Newkirk Public Schools announcer was removed from duty halfway through a high school girls basketball game after describing the names of the opponents as “disgusting.”

The sportscaster was in the center of the pre-game introductions of Friday’s Newkirk-Crooked Oak matchup in North Oklahoma when he presented Crooked Oak’s girls basketball team.” – flyheight

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  1. OK, this is my wife’s hometown, our daughter works at the school which is where our grandkids go. She has known this gentleman her whole life, and attests that he is one of the sweetest, kindest people one could hope to meet and has a deep love for the town, the school and the kids. He isn’t a sportscaster, he’s a retired local business owner.

    But, she is pretty sure he has suffered a stroke in the not too distant past. If anyone knows someone who’s had a stroke you know words can get confused. When he said disgusting he was probably searching for a word to describe how difficult they are to pronounce.

  2. Hard to say (lousy audio), is everyone sure that Joe Biden didn’t think this was a Town Hall?
    Did he miss Vagina (that’s Va-GINA) you racist crackers bastards!) Johnson,,,

  3. Maybe he just misses the days when most names were Cathy, JoAnn, Mary and Patty, NOT Laqweeshaton, Kintendoshara and Silveena Contres Micha-Qintones.

    Personally, I’d give him a pass.

  4. Man, the pageantry.

    I realize I live in a backwards country, but in high school we just start the games without the player announcements.

    It is not college or pro.

    The Team is 1 unit not the individual.

    The last time I looked, the Notre Dame football team did not have names on their jerseys. (with a great explanation)

  5. I’m with JustAl. We had something similar in our town when the old fellow announcing a football game got confused with a basketball game he announced sometime in the past.

    No big deal, dude just got old.


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