How Not To Get Shot

It’s easy really, there are four basic rules for not getting shot in Milwaukee.

edflynn                                           Police Chief Ed Flynn

  • Don’t be part of a crime gang or crew
  • Don’t be a drug dealer
  • Don’t illegally carry a gun

And finally, “If you are in an argument with a stranger, ask them how often they’ve been arrested. If they’ve been arrested more often than you’ve been arrested, concede the point.”

Police Chief Ed Flynn shared the advice at a recent ceasefire Sabbath kickoff breakfast.


A commenter offered a two step approach for avoiding trouble in Milwaukee:

1.) Get out

2.) Stay out

This works equally well for any Dem run Sh*thole.

7 Comments on How Not To Get Shot

  1. I disagree with Ed’s advice not to illegally carry a gun. First of all, there are lots of ways to get put on the prohibited lists that shouldn’t exist. Most importantly, if someone else is actively trying to shoot you, shooting him first is a very good way not to get shot.

  2. Don’t clean a loaded gun
    Don’t play with a loaded gun
    Don’t come into the woman’s bathroom if your a man

  3. “[be] there firstest with the mostest”

    Preemptive strike with overwhelming force.

    “When you have to shoot, SHOOT! … don’t talk …”

    izlamo delenda est …

  4. I agree w/ Uncle Al … in my state there is basically no way an average citizen can ‘legally’ carry a firearm … the ‘authorities’ don’t allow people to do & think for themselves … how dare we!

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