How Now Rebel Cow?

A small herd of cattle were introduced to the northwest mountains of Italy about 20 years ago to graze as part of a soil control effort. When the project ran out of money,  local authorities were forced to round them all up and ship them off to market, only they weren’t able to catch them all and now they’ve gone feral.


Watch the documentary on the “vacche ribelli” Here  (it’s somewhat helpful to turn the Italian to English translator on in the sub-titles)

11 Comments on How Now Rebel Cow?

  1. Italian cows?…what do they say?

    “I gotcher milk danglin’?…

    “Pay the veg or the veal gets it”…

    “No, Really, Fredo was only fishing…he bumped his head”…

  2. Cool story ! I’d never really Considered Cows as Wild Animals ! They look much better Wild, at least this Breed .

  3. ” I’d never really Considered Cows as Wild Animals !” They have some on private ranches in Texas that will kill your ass.

  4. Those farging morons never grew up on a farm. You ever tried
    to catch a stray bull calf? Near impossible.

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