How Obama Remembered Our Heroes On Memorial Day


President Donald Trump has taken criticism from his opponents and the media for golfing on Memorial Day weekend. But his predecessor, President Barack Obama, golfed on seven of the eight Memorial Day  weekends of his presidency. More

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  1. Barkey was in Chicago that one time picking the site for his Presidential library for the Illiterates.

  2. Didn’t Obama once give a Memorial Day address to an audience about those that gave the last full measure of devotion, many of whom were sitting among us? Pretty sure I recall that.

    The dude spoke words from a teleprompter written by teenagers, none of whom know what words mean.

    If 24/7 Trump needs 5 hours of relaxation on a golf course, the world can go fuck off for the time being.

    These ankle biting mosquitoes can never suck enough blood or be more of an annoyance. Bring back DDT.
    Never mind. We have DJT, something more powerful than the vermin can survive.

  3. On that Memorial Day Oblowme recited the Gettysburg Address:

    Forrre! score (mark me down for a three) and seven(th hole) (it’s been) years (since I played this course) ago our (dreams from my) fathers brought forrrre! (th – damn near hit my SS agent) on this continent a new (racist) nation dedicated to the proposition that all men were (not) created equal… you get the picture.

  4. Barack Huessin Obama didn’t give a rats behind about our military, and never gave them the respect they deserved and left it in shambles.

  5. I just got off the Loyce Edward Deen thread only to see this America hating, mom jean wearing POS commie. It aint right.

  6. I’ll NEVER let the left win this battle, I’ll spit in there face with my last breath, I’ll fight them to the death but I’ll be DAMNED if they beat me. I can’t let the effeminate soy boys and the manly feminists beat me, I’ll (WE’LL) beat them and turn this country around. It’s the least we can do for the greatest people that we celebrate on this blessed day.

  7. Obama is the only President in our country’s history to mispronounce Corpsman as Corpseman while presenting a Medal of Honor. Hence, the reason I often refer to him as President Ocorpseman. He defiled that ceremony by not even knowing how to properly pronounce this honorable military occupation. More than 2,000 Navy Corpsmen have given their lives serving our country and administering medical aid to their fellow service members.

  8. Obama is a traitor. He’s also a fraud. (What ISN’T the cocksucking pos?)

    As we’re learning, half our government has committed treason in one form or anther. But obama took it to a new level.

  9. Don’t let the propagandists define the parameters of the argument.

    Compared with Obama, how many parties has Trump thrown in the White House purely to entertain his friends.

    Compared with Obama, how many fancy vacations has Trump taken. (Ever hear of Melania flying off to, say, Spain, with an entourage?)

    Yes, Trump has golfed perhaps twice as much as Obama. Trump golfs for a few hours at his own clubs where he’s usually also working, frequently with politicians and visiting heads of state. Obama golfed mostly with “friends” at military and “public” courses (interfering with others’ use of them) and then disappeared for hours into the cleared-out locker rooms…


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