How Obama’s Senior Response Director Profited From Disaster in Puerto Rico


The answer has little to do with President Trump and a great deal to do with the existing corruption by local officials in Puerto Rico.

By September 2018, despite billions of dollars in aid, Puerto Rico was still a mess. By August, FEMA had stopped paying for the nearly 2,500 displaced Puerto Ricans who had been living in hotels after Hurricane Maria had wrecked their homes. But the FEMA times were good at Casino Del Mar.

San Juan’s Mayor Carmen Yulin Cruz had become a CNN celeb by wearing a, “Help Us We Are Dying” t-shirt. But no one was dying at the luxury resort in San Juan with its 15,000 square feet of gaming tables and its seven restaurants. Except maybe some especially unlucky gamblers. Its blue neon wave walls were shimmering, the machines were jingling and there were some high rollers at the tables.

One of those high rollers was a FEMA administrator.

Ahsha Nateef Tribble’s job had been to get Puerto Rico working again. That’s why Ahsha had been appointed FEMA’s Power Sector Chief and Infrastructure Chief for Recovery.

And she was certainly helping one part of Puerto Rico recover.

At Casino Del Mar, Donald Keith Ellison, the former president of Cobra Acquisitions, who has been indicted alongside Tribble, was seen in surveillance footage picking up $3,000 worth of casino chips. The indictment alleges that Tribble and Ellison were together at the gambling tables and the cash cage.

Tribble and Ellison were gambling in more ways than one.

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  1. It’s unbelievable. Our government is totally corrupt. The swamp is real, and it needs to die. It’ll die when the likes of Obama, Clinton, biden, Kerry, Boehner and the rest are in prison.

  2. This story proves we need more minority owned businesses and more black faces in government, not orange ones. And we need to relocate those poor Puerto Ricans to America. There’s a small town about 3 hours away from me that would be nice for them.

  3. I remember installing an HVAC system in a government building about 30 years ago. We were on site for about two months and I can swear that EACH and EVERY day at 4 PM EVERY black woman would stop working and go to the break room to watch Oprah while others continued working until 5.

    The hooting and hollering coming from that room during the show was unbearable.

  4. Extreme Government waste brought directly to you by an over inflated Washington DC. Throw you tax dollars straight into the giant Money Pit they need more for pals, friends and influence. Good luck killing this beast.

  5. Time to free Puerto Rico so that inane population of parasites can live once again in the dark ages like the Femocrats want everyone to do! Give them a head start on the Green New Deal!

  6. Hurricane Maria was a September 2017 storm. Why was FEMA putting people up in hotels until August 2018?


  7. I’m sorry, but I can’t believe an Obama-appointed affirmative action, rising star would actually be corrupt! I am shocked!


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