How often does this happen? 不

Anonymous said:

A boat just circled the SpaceX capsule with a giant Trump 2020 flag blowing in the wind right in the middle of the gulf of Mexico.

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  1. photobombed by a Trumpster!

    watched it live … we should acknowledge the amazing triumph of SpaceX … a first stage that re-lands itself for reuse, a capsule that has it’s own series of rocket motors capable of launching itself away from any launch abort, insuring the safety of the passengers. & a reusable capsule, to boot.

    we should be applauding America’s return to space

  2. It was SpaceX’s “Demo2” flight. So, there you are. A Trump 2020 flag being demoed, as well!

    (For those that didn’t watch, the recovery ship had to order all the look-e-loo boats away so they could back in and position their A-frame.)

  3. We watched this over and over again. Loved the guy’s laugh at the end.

    MAGA/KAGA 2020! Two Term Trump!

  4. wow, i will take the bow for this one. Anonymous was me. Got all excited and did a premature posting


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