How Pathetic

Pollster Frank “out to” Luntz’s has been making the rounds lately declaring AOC is the only chance the democrats have of ever denying Donald Trump re-election.

“The key is authenticity,” Luntz told Fox News host Laura Ingraham Tuesday evening. “You want to say what you mean, mean what you say,” he continued. “You want to be able to look straight at the camera and be yourself. And at least half of them [the 2020 Democratic candidates] are trying to be something that they’re not,” he argued.”


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  1. So, she can look straight into the camera and state, “I am a moron”……… That should seal the deal!
    “Speaking the truth in times of universal deceit is a revolutionary act.” Geo. Orwell

  2. I don’t know if he’s clever enough, but could it be an attempt to encourage the rats to push an unwinnable candidate?

  3. The 8 year old AOC has more intelligence than Sandy from Westchester County will ever possess. Then again….in 12 years it won’t matter.

  4. …doesn’t matter anyway, they will bring Mooch in as an, eh, “Dark Horse” at the last minute so “she” doesn’t have to debate anyone or do any of that ookey campaigning stuff…they will present “her” like a Cincinnatus, figure it will lock down the trans, woman, and Black votes, and just call any Republican who dares contradict anything “she” says a rayciss..

  5. Frank isn’t called a pollster because he charts political opinions, it’s because he likes to ride poles.

  6. A-croc the buck-toothed weasel
    Somehow made it to D.C.
    Her opponent didn’t bother to come out
    Now voters have to hear her shout, about….

  7. He’s a putz……but I hope they listen to him and run her.
    It would be quite the circus and TRUMP would be laughing all the way to 4 more.

  8. Trump would have her literally in tears within 10 minutes of the first debate. But no worries as she isn’t old enough chronologically or mentally.

  9. Supernightshade – – Yep, Michelle will ride in on her fat ass (isn’t that the demoncrat mascot?) and attempt to “save the day”. (Can Barry be her running mate?)

    Also, Dan is correct. AOC is not old enough.

  10. Billy Fuster MAY 16, 2019 AT 3:21 PM
    (Can Barry be her running mate?)

    …not sure how it would work in HIS case, but since he’s ALREADY been First Lady in the Valerie Jarrett White House, I suppose Vice President would be a step UP for him…

  11. BY ALL MEANS… RUN the Occasional-Cortex against Trump. I’ve only seen a 49 state Republican sweep (’84) in my lifetime; I’m JONESIN’ for a FIFTY state sweep! 😀

  12. @Crackerbaby May 16, 2019 at 2:51 pm

    > she can look straight into the camera and state, “I am a moron”……… That should seal the deal!

    You must lead a very lonely life, if you’re not *surrounded* by people who insist “I’m a moron. And that’s *why* I should be in charge.”

  13. AOC being willing to say what she means and means what she says – is a good thing. However, that doesn’t mean that what she says has any foundation in reality. Or that most voters won’t figure that out. (her district in NYC is an example of people who did not)

    But her method is preferable to candidates that pretend to be reasonable or conservative people to get votes, then show their true colors after winning election. That explains why were have so many RINOs and demonrats in office.

  14. “You want to say what you mean, mean what you say,”

    And then when you get called on it, just say it was a big joke that the stupid heads didn’t get. Right, Frank?

  15. Wow, that is pretty stupid.

    Watch, you will see this moron paid to be a boobtube bloviator.

    Not in a MILLION years Frankie.

  16. You can also find a lot of “authenticity” in an insane asylum. Doesn’t mean I would vote for them.

  17. This coming election we’ll be hearing more “Split the Vote!” than “Rock the Vote!” for the D’s. Dee-lite-ful!


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