How Stupid is Dick Van Dyke? VERY!

Watch this video. This stupid old fool actually says this is the most important presidential election since WWII, while endorsing Bernie Sanders, a dope whose political, socio and economic philosophies are akin to what we fought against in WWII.

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  1. My candidate has never changed his positions in spite of them being proven wrong, stupid and evil. That’s what I like about him.

  2. “He stuck with who he is and what he believes.”
    Yeah, that would be ‘lazy bum who never had a real job in his life who believes the world owes all lazy bums like himself a luxurious life.’
    And there lies the problem, DICK.

  3. Suffering from senility in his waning years. Andy Griffith had the same problem in his decline, Libtard dementia.
    How could anyone endorse a politician that would cause such a direct hit to their income?
    Either directly through raised taxes (to pay for FSA stuff), or indirectly through raised taxes (to pay for FSA stuff) on the people who can now no longer afford to buy your non-entertaining crap.

  4. “He stuck with who he is and what he believes.”

    That’s great for him, Dick. I just don’t want to get stuck with his tab.

  5. Did he say he has all his marbles? I think he’s lost most of them. Seems pretty pathetic. Sad sad sad. I don’t put any stock into Holywierd endorsements especially from a 94 year old has been.

  6. That fool should keep a low profile. He got away with being the Zodiac Killer.
    “STFU and don’t press your luck, Dickhead Dyke.”

  7. I was sad to see this as he’s pretty well stayed out of politics for his whole career. I suspect though, that we may see a lot more of this. Old, retired and forgotten actors coming out with anti-Trump ads or like this one, a pro-Democrat (likely Comrade Bernie or Dark Helmet Mike) tweet. They’ll be as a result of Democrat operatives or Hollywood douches like Rob Reiner convincing them that the public really, really still cares about their opinion and it would be a great chance to get back in the limelight. While a little disturbing to see what Dems are likely to stoop to it won’t make a difference.

    On the other hand maybe Dick’s tweet was a warning that what you see and hear from Bernie is what you’re really going to get so think twice.

  8. Actors are ignorant children. Clint Eastwood was an exception. But he is getting very old, and I imagine he’s being influenced unduly by some assholes trying to push him left. Like they did to Stephen Hawking towards the end of his life.

  9. He’s also old as hell.
    I bet he’s been influenced by grand kids and great grand kids.

    If some young people that he loves and respects tell him who the best candidate is, why wouldn’t he endorse?

    A lot of older people aren’t as deep thinkers as you’d think.

  10. Dementia doesn’t seem to be a factor for the political views of Van Dyke or Eastwood. They’ve always been liberal progressive elitists.

    Now that they’re very old and wealthy, both no longer give a damn about backlash from the conservative audiences who supported their careers for decades and made them rich. Typical libtard behavior – bite the hand that feeds you.

  11. The wealthier you are, the more shielded and insulated you can make yourself from the evil policies of people like Sanders. It never occurs to you after enjoying 60 years of comfort, plenty, and wealth, and decades of knowing no one who isn’t wealthy and connected, that most other people can’t shield themselves and will suffer. In which case you are a fool.

    Or you do know and just don’t care because you are a hypocrite.

  12. He admires Bernie for staying the course. But he forgot that staying the course only makes sense if you are on a sensible course.

  13. Allllllllllllllright now Mr. Dyke – time for your meds. Yessssssss… you can go back to the sunroom and resume yelling at clouds if you like… 🙄

  14. Every other day we mock & trash Hollywood and its fake and often fraudulent celebs for their idiocy and latest virtue signaling. Why does the “Man with no name” or an alcoholic has-been rate such intellectual dissection for their views? Get back to me when Mel Cooley endorses someone.

  15. 60 years of alcohol overuse.
    There’s absolute proof (200) that it eventually rots the brain.

    You think dope makes you stupid? Hang out (sober) with a bunch of drunks.

    izlamo delenda est …

  16. So the old Rut thinks that we can save our democracy (Republic) by voting in a communist! He should stick to pratfalls!

  17. Clint broke my heart with his announcement, but he is up there in age so there’s no telling what is influencing him now. Was never a Dick Van Dyke fan, so I don’t give a damn what that drunk thinks. BTW, I thought his brother was much funnier than him.

  18. It is always better to remain quiet and be thought of as a fool than to open your mouth and remove all doubt.

  19. Dick got black lung disease from cleaning too many chimneys. He’s gotta be on the “On-Deck List” down in Hell. Maybe F.D.R. could check the Bulletin Board for us.

  20. @Tim called it! Dick is a long time rummy (Mary Tyler Moore was too) and his brain is completely pickled. He wasn’t a genius to begin with but now he’s ready for the ole cement crypt. I also feel bad that Cunt Eastwood supports Bloomberg, maybe his Hollywood career was being black listed for supporting Trump. His last movie really flopped.


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