How the Bidens Made Off With Millions in Chinese Cash

The American Conservative:

The Senate’s report on Hunter Biden’s activities released several months ago, which was spun by the New York Times as having shown “no evidence of wrongdoing,” nevertheless had several important gaps in the business activities of the troubled son of the former vice president.

Draft legal documents and 2017 bank records obtained by The American Conservative show at least $5 million was transferred to Hunter and Jim Biden from companies associated with the Chinese conglomerate CEFC, with millions coming after the company had come under legal scrutiny both in the United States and China. 

CEFC official Patrick Ho was arrested in November 2017 and charged by the Southern District of New York with corruption, and was convicted last year. In addition, on or about March 1, 2018, CEFC Chairmen Ye Jianming was arrested in China for economic crimes and hasn’t been seen since. CEFC assets in China were seized by Chinese state agencies. In the U.S., major beneficiaries were Hunter and Jim Biden.

What the following documents show is that as regulators moved to seize CEFC’s assets, Hunter Biden attempted to take control of the company founded in partnership with it. Instead, after striking a deal with two CEFC employees in the U.S., the funds were disbursed over the next six months to his and his uncle’s companies until it was all gone, in total at least $5 million. read more

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  1. If Biden wins, how can we not imediately go into impeachment trials? But of course the Republicans would never vote to remove him from office because, you know, (insert excuse here)

  2. A sitting president must be impeached, tried, then ejected prior to being tried for high crimes and misdemeanors; however … if Biden manages to retain enough deceased centenarian votes to win, said Biden could theoretically be tried, sentenced, and imprisoned prior to taking the oath of office — thus making him unavailable to participate in such inaugural festivities.

  3. Mps: If the Republicans did vote for impeachment we would have Harris as President, but we would anyway because she would invoke the 25th Amendment.

    On second thought, they may do what they can to get Joe to hold on until January 21, 2023. Then we would have Harris for ten years.

  4. One slight problem, VP Harris is not an natural born citizen. Her father is from Jamaica, her mother from India.
    That create a constitutional crisis. Could you even imagine how badly President Pelosi was screw things up?

  5. The Hunter Biden computers that were released just before the election will be tied to the election. Some of that Chinese money surly ended up in Joe’s campaign. Isn’t that foreign interference in an election? Aught oh!
    @ Mr. Anth Ropy
    This is not the destruction of the Greatest Country on Earth. You are witnessing the destruction of the Democrat Party.
    The Trump Administration knew every little thing the Dems planned.
    Now they are trapped in a sting and President Trump is the legitimate winner of the election. It’s going to play out quite nicely.

  6. @TE – Gosh, I wish I had your optimism. That ultimately proves to be justified. Not setting atop wishful thinking.

  7. It’s like there’s a law: can’t investigate dems unless you already have proof, but Republicans can be tried for insane rumors.

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