How The Clintons Scammed Haiti

Dinesh D’Souza has a nice article in National Review doing a rundown on how the Clintons used the hardships of Haiti to line their own pockets. They capitalized on the disasters that hit the impoverished Caribbean nation in 2010 to generate grants and disaster relief money for their friends who then kicked back a portion to the Clinton’s Foundations.


Just remember come election time: The Clintons will do to America what they did to Haiti.


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  1. I hope the National Review is now just a liberal rag because the comments were frightening… saying D’Souza is a liar and the Clinton Foundation has an A rating and spent 88% of their money they collected. How do we fight that stupidity?! That doesn’t refute all the connections and facts and data he provided but libs just need a lie along with a bunch of name calling to shout everyone down.

  2. Wasn’t Papa Bush 41 also named as someone in charge of Haitian aid with Bubba? What did the Bushes get, I wonder–it explains the love fest the Clintoons and Bushes seem share.

  3. They built about 12 houses and handed out some shirts and some pressed cow shit cooking pellets after raising three billion dollars and blowing it on puff projects.
    They could have bought up all the old shipping containers in the Atlantic region and bought materials and skilled labor to convert them all into housing and saved two billion and housed two hundred thousand people.
    The Clinton’s are so greasy, you could have them pressed and service the mechanical needs of the entire Russian Army for six maintenance cycles

  4. They DOJ and FBI has determined that numerous laws and regulations were run afoul by carelessness.
    However, not interviewing the Clintons and not knowing the clinton’s intentions, not one career prosecutor in our corrupt government would indict or prosecute.

  5. Many Haitians feel screwed, from what I have heard over the years.

    If the balance of their feeling is against Clinton, then it should be broadcast.

    In a timely manner.

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