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How The Great Ammo Shortage Of 2021 Could End


Even as the Biden Administration has seemingly stepped up efforts to shrink the supply of ammunition by imposing a ban on the importation of Russian-made ammunition, it seems where there is a demand someone will step up to meet it. That’s how and why capitalism works.

SAR USA Has a Plan

It might be a bit harder to find 7.62x54mmR ammo, especially if the stuff from Russia dries up, but the good news is that 9x19mm Parabellum – also known as 9mm NATO – shouldn’t be as hard to acquire in the coming weeks and months, as SAR USA is now importing Turkish-made, 124-grain FMJ (full metal jacket) loads with brass casings.

“This is an incredible opportunity to bring high-quality ammunition to new SAR firearm owners and a market desperate for it,” Todd Pearson, chief operating officer for SAR USA told the NRA’s Shooting Illustrated this week. “SAR ammunition is designed, engineered and manufactured to perform to the highest standards.” read more

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  1. I hope they’re careful.
    I bought some Egyptian 9mm some years ago whose brass cases split on firing – consequently having a difficult extraction.

    izlamo delenda est …

  2. Girsan pistols seem to be well made.
    (I’ve never seen or handled one, but American Rifleman praises them)
    I have no reason to doubt their ammo.
    (I also have no reason to NOT doubt their ammo)
    My brother won’t buy Tula or Wolf or any of what he calls “Axis” ammo but I have been entirely satisfied with it (though I do not hunt).

    izlamo delenda est …

  3. While I don’t have an issue either way with the quality of products from Turkey, given the islamist/anti-Semitic push by Erdogan I’d prefer not to buy their products.

  4. I’ve seen this ammo coming in. It’s still more expensive than it should be but it’s helping bring the process down.

  5. “The Great Ammo Shortage Of 2021” ain’t gonna end because somebody found a good source for decent 9mm FMJ ammo. That particular caliber/style has been in reasonably good supply, it’s just been quite a lot more expensive lately.

    What about all the other calibers/styles that have dried up? I could rattle off a list but I’m sure I’d miss some. Plugging the 9mm hole won’t do anything at all for those others.

  6. Texas women! All aboard Biden’s Abortion Bus!

    Wait. That’s a different Biden program. I get confused – he has so many.

    Ammo up!

  7. Not a lot of 7.62 by 54 running around compared to 7.62 by 39. And I’ve heard we have untouched warehouses of that stuff laying around. I’m sure they were after the 7.62 by 39. Everyone makes 9mil. A lot of local reman guys popping up. I’m hearing the popular pistol rounds are starting to come down in price.

  8. @DavidW, @Brad — You’re right, I’m not buying from the Turks, either. But it’s a shame because they do make some very good stuff. Sure, there’s a fair amount of Turkish crap, but then again there’s a fair amount of U.S. crap.

  9. Uncle Al
    They’re still consider an DFAR country. I occasionally run into them pricing shit into the ground for the DLA. Meanwhile we’re suppose to encrypt everything to make sure the enemy doesn’t get a copy. Our tax dollars at work.

  10. I’ve had some shit RP .45 ACP. In a bad situation it could have gotten me killed. But then again, out of the hundreds of thousands of RP I have used that’s negligible.

    But still. Check everything you rely on for your life.

  11. Hard to check for a squib. I shoot steel, as fast as I can. There’s little time to think, ah shit that didn’t go bang. I try and stick with quality new ammo. Even if I need to pay more.

  12. That Remington Peters would have jammed up a 1911, but been perfectly satisfactory in a 1917 revolver.

    One out of thousands. Just check them all.

    I can’t tell you how to do that efficiently, except maybe a homemade go no-go gauge. What a pain in the ass. I found mine by accident.

  13. It wasn’t a squib, it was a round that was too long. The bullet not pressed far enough. It would go on the top of the magazine stack but wouldn’t go into battery from the magazine. That’s how I caught it.

    Just lucky that I was taught to go into battery from the magazine… and not drop a round into the chamber and drop the slide. Being too long it MAY have turned into a squib.

    Who knows?

  14. Hey Cmn…

    Interesting site. Very much reminds me of High School’s Jr. yr Chem/Physics labs, where we class brainiacs ginned up some thermite and honest-to-god nitro. Conducted field tests out in an abandoned caliche pit, fortuitously provisioned with old vehicle wrecks suitable as test beds. Ahhhh the ’70s.

    Today, instead of learning how to safely handle very dangerous elements/processes, we (and our instructor) would all be visited by DHS/FBI/ATF/DOJ/FXYZ/ETC, and, absent any pretense of due process, summarily dumped down some bottomless gvt hole and forgotten. All the while as the media prevaricated to their utmost bloviated professional best.


  15. “Today, instead of learning how to safely handle very dangerous elements/processes, we (and our instructor) would all be visited by DHS/FBI/ATF/DOJ/FXYZ/ETC, ”

    They should probably come armed. The FBI has made a career of getting their asses shot off. Hell, they’ve made movies about it.

  16. Today was a good day. I found 10,000 rifle primers I forgot I had. Turkey makes some really decent shotguns and while I prefer US made scatter guns, I recently bought a brand new Turkish made 12 gauge home defense shotgun for peanuts from one of the major on-line sellers. All the reviews I read about it were positive. It functions flawlessly.

  17. So they banned the importation of Russian ammo but can’t ban the importation of Turkish ammo? Maybe I missed something but we’re dealing with a regime that is as of right now, barely obeying what the SCOTUS is ruling. At some point they’re going to realize that they don’t have to listen at all and that there’s a very good chance that nobody is going to stop them.

  18. The Russian ammo was only good for target practice.
    One of my boys bought a canister for his WW 2 Mauser. It jammed and was just overall junk.

    On a side note: my brother got a moose permit and I’m his second shooter.
    Going north about 5 hrs into newly opened logging company land.
    He has lots of ammo.


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