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How the Left Is Driving Us to Civil War

There’s a new book out, titled “How Civil Wars Starts: And How To Stop Them” by Barbara Walter. Professor Walter has been making the rounds lately promoting her work. She describes three elements that experts say lead to civil war in the modern age.

I’ll translate her points from lib-speak and place them in a more meaningful context.

A) Anocracy – a nation with all the trappings of democracy but dominated by an authoritarian power in reality. Like imposing mandates and suppressing dissenting speech on a nation.

B.) Factionalism – for example one ideological group calling another “racist” for decades while accusing that same group of being “nationalist” if they object.

C.) Downgrading – like having the elites sell out the working class by impoverishing them by moving production abroad and imposing policy that leads to runaway inflation and shortages.



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  1. The only way I see to avoid a civil war here is for the commie progs to stop acting like commie progs.

    That’s a bit less likely than Klaatu and Gort paying us another visit.

  2. Klaatu berada nickto.

    That’s good enough for me, Uncle Al.

    Wait! But what does he MEAN by that??

    (But the Chinese and Russians would be glad we did just to bust up the FED and remove the Dollar as the world’s default currency.)

  3. Yea it’s trumps fault according to her. Open your eyes lady. Biden has been in office since I was in grade school. Then add the years of Pelosi, Schumer, Lehy, McConnel etc. They enriched themselves beyond anyone’s wildest imagination all working for us…but it’s Trumps fault. Screw you lady, Trump never hollowed out the American middle class, he fought for them. Why are you giving this POS the time if day

  4. The CSPAN interview can be infuriating to watch, but provides insight into the narratives the left tells itself about us. The lack of self-awareness must be endemic among leftist.

  5. I have a good friend who escaped communism in Vietnam and has become one of the most conservative American Patriots I know. Year past he make and sold T-Shirts that said SAT CONG with a graphic of a skull and an AR 15 on it. Sat Cong translates to KILL COMMUNISTS. A couple of years later I had him re-run those shirts with the added text FOREIGN AND DOMESTIC! I only wear one when I’m heavily armed!

  6. Let’s level the playing field on the injection of newly minted leftist terminology, shall we? This woman is reinventing the language for her own leftist purposes.

    We should call this load of nonsense as kraptology.
    Kraptology is the emanation of people of inferior intellect pretending to be our intellectual superiors.

    Anocracy? Seriously?

    All that tells me is that you are unable to use the English language to argue and defend your point.

    You are an unserious individual.

    Try using English. Don’t make up words to try to make yourself mysteriously erudite. You are not.

  7. Eek. Definite bubble broad. It’s remarkable how the left simply twists events to suit their preordained narrative.

  8. @ Doc JANUARY 31, 2022 AT 8:28 PM

    My late friend Tran was conscripted by the cong to be engineer on a ship. He played it cool for a couple years, gained the confidence of the crew and learned to pilot the ship, subsequently killed them and piloted the ship toward the east.

    He hated the bastards with a passion

  9. Hey Doc !! I found one of those Sat Cong images on line. I downloaded it and printed the image on a stack of adhesive paper. I’ve been posting them around my town. usually at intersections with stop signs/traffic lites/or in high pedestrian traffic areas. I live in NoVa behind enemy lines.


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