How They’ll Get Rid of Biden

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  1. Optimistic at best. Remember, Jackass Joe can’t count past three!
    “Jobs is a three letter word. J – O – B – S!”

  2. How are you going to get him to hoβ€”β€”ohhhh, I see…You get a little girl to stand at the other end. Brilliant.

  3. Watch out for that hole joey, it’s a Lulu. Step in a hole and you’ll go down below has replaced step on a crack and you’ll break your mothers back. I can hear the rescue people yelling at him, “Hey dumbass how did you fall down that hole.” And laughing hysterically at him, joey was triple dog dared into leaping into that hole.

  4. Lazlo running mate for Joe Prediction:
    Stacie Abrams: so Joe can deliver the Coup de Grace to America by resigning

  5. The Eight Hop-Skip-And-A-Jump Steps To A Biden Presidency:

    1 – Pre-primary campaigning βœ”
    2 – Win Primaries βœ”
    3 – Hide during COVID-19 βœ”
    4 – Survive Rioting βœ”
    5 – Convention 😒 (Sorry, Joe)
    6 – Get Chinese money
    7 – Impeach Trump
    8 – Beat Donald Trump!

  6. Biden will be killed at one of the George Funerals….He’ll

    finally cross over, and Fondle a Black Girl…His first and last time.

  7. Poor Lazlo oh no. Biden has to win because he has to cover his family’s ass. This is the only reason he is so desperate to win. He’s not going to put in anyone as veep that could dominate him over the DOJ, for example. He has control issues. I know, sounds hilarious considering he’s a doofus, but look at his behavior/demeanor.
    [The way he’s grabby with women and children, the way he demeans men. Control issues]

    He wants a weak, no personality veep that is a basic potted plant who won’t call attention and stays out of his way. And someone who won’t make him look dumb. lol. See how testy he gets when someone challenges him about his IQ?

    I don’t see him picking a woman, much less a black woman, because the attention is off of him.

  8. I would agree with MJA except two bigger crime families will need to CYA by running, so Pedo Joe will become chum for the sharks to protect the Lizard Queen and Manchelle.,,

    Pedo will use the mafia Don defense….too old and too senile to be prosecuted.

  9. I wouldn’t be at all surprised if the Democrat party comes up with a false flag operation to assassinate their own nominee.


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