How To Avoid A “Cat From Hell” While Waiting Out The Pandemic At Home

Animal Planet’s Jackson Galaxy, put out some words of advice for those families that have disrupted your cat’s normal routine now that we’re all stuck at home. Watch

Galaxy’s series “My Cat From Hell” lasted for 10 seasons and is still aired on Animal Planet. He also has a web series, Cat Mojo, where he continues his mission of educating pet owners about their animal companions. Here


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  1. I think I was being haunted by my last cat. She loved me so much (and I loved her), but died from cancer. Sometimes in the night between wakefulness and sleep, I could hear her climbing up the side of the bed with her claws and feel the bed dip when she jumped on and feel her climb onto my hip (I sleep on my side) and settle down meatloaf style.

    I haven’t experienced that since I moved to my house 3 years ago. Now I have a dog. My cat did not tolerate dogs. I sometimes wonder if the people who moved into that apartment after me has heard or felt her.

  2. Gladys, had to say goodbye to my cat, Baby Girl, a few years ago for the same reason. I’d give anything to be visited by her. So would her buddy, Garfield.

  3. My cats are fine. Clingy, neurotic runt female…fat, lazy orange tom who does not give a crap about no-body (except me, he guards the tub when I’m taking a bath). Both ignore the dog because he’s an imbecile.

  4. For those of use who have lost faithful companions, Google “Rainbow Bridge”, it will put a lump in your throat. They are waiting for us to cross over.

  5. Our 12 think they are to be given canned food every 2 hours. I heard them talking about calling 1-800-kat-starve if we don’t comply.


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